Being A Mum Is An Incredible Journey, A Remarkable Experience That Changes How We Look, How We Feel, Who We Are As Mothers We Are Strong, Protective And Proud We Feel A Love Like No Other But Being A Parent Can Be Hard, Too It Challenges Us Physically, Mentally, Emotionally There Are The Days Where Just Managing To Fit A Shower In Amidst The Endless Feeding, Entertaining Young Children And Surviving On A Lack Of Sleep Feels Like An Achievement With So Many People Ready To Offer Advice On The Best Way To Parent, It Can Feel Like You Are Getting It All Wrong Since Giovanna And Her Husband, Tom Fletcher, Have Had Their Sons, Buzz And Buddy, They Have Been Sharing Glimpses Of Their Family Life With An Infectiously Positive Outlook And A Happy Take On All Things Mum Related, Giovanna Has Developed A Following Of Fellow Parents And Mums To Be This Is Not An Audiobook About How To Have The Perfect Family Experience Gi Would Be The First To Admit She Is Winging It Just As Much As The Rest Of Us Instead It Is An Honest, Upbeat And Incredibly Personal Account Of Her Own Experience Of Having A Family In Happy Mum, Happy Baby, Giovanna Shares Her Own Journey Through Parenthood, And In Doing So She Looks At What It Is To Be A Mother Today, Encourages You To Be Confident In Yourself As A Parent And Celebrates How Putting A Focus On Being A Happy And Confident Mum Can Really Make For A Happy Baby

8 thoughts on “Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My Adventures into Motherhood

  1. Jenniepen Jenniepen says:

    This is a lovely book, Giovanna writes in a friendly style and shares her personal experiences of motherhood However the regular name dropping of people and brands was a little irritating and distracting.

  2. Emzzzz Emzzzz says:

    I did enjoy reading this book but as a new mum I feel some gruesome parts were glossed over For example she described her hypnobirth as this amazing thing but later on mentions she had an episiotomy which seemed a bit misleading I got better honest feedback from close friends if I m honest But it is a nice light hearted read.

  3. leighbookworm leighbookworm says:

    I read this before having a baby, which I was so glad about It gave me an insight to motherhood What to expect and not to put too much pressure on myself, my baby is 12 weeks old now and I always think happy mum, happy baby It works Listen to the Happy mum, Happy baby podcast also, when I go for walks with baby, I smile away and relate so so much to what Giovanna and her guests are saying They have helped me through some dark times after having baby and I m so grateful to her for sharing stories so you don t feel alone Big big thank you

  4. kathy t kathy t says:

    Got this when I became pregnant All my worries seemed to fade after reading this It s a great book that will make you smile and worry less But also you wont feel so alone I work in a book shop and have recommended this book to everyone resulting in us selling our multiple times

  5. jelica jelica says:

    For mothers, or potential mothers to be, highlighting her own personal journey By no means does it cover every eventuality highs or lows of pregnancy and motherhood but it includes a few common aspects, and her honesty is natural and friendly A warm and quick read.

  6. Jade T. Jade T. says:

    Giovanna Fletcher is one the best role models Her completely truthful approach to parenting in this book was exactly what everyone needs to hear It was so relatable in many parts and I found myself continuously comparing her experiences to ones that i have had with my children and it falling into place that it is normal to have the good days and the bad days And even people that seem to have it all together and have got parenting in the bag suffer from mum guilt while you re trying to provide for your family and create a good life I would highly recommend this book to everyone to read

  7. Zoe lawless Zoe lawless says:

    I wish I had read this book before I had my son It would have helped me in ways than one I recommend this book to all new mum s, and to all those who have been there and got the t shirt.

  8. Noe Noe says:

    Amazing book, just what I needed on those first months of motherhood when you feel you are doing everything wrong, and comparing your own experience to the glossy perfect pics you see on Instagram I loved this book, it s so real, non judgmental without being self deprecating Great job Giovanna