Are You Trying To Start A Profitable Blog This Book Will Show You Exactly What You Need To Do To Start A Profitable Blog Today Based On What Top Bloggers Are Doing If You Follow The Instructions You Ll Have An Amazing Looking And Profitable Blog In No Time At All Here Is A Preview Of What You Ll Learn How To Build A Blog How To Choose A Niche How To Design Your Blog How To Start Creating Posts How To Create Valuable Blog Content How To Generate Traffic How To Monetize Your Blog Much, Much Download Your Copy Today This book is great, as I m looking to try and make money from my blog that I currrently write It has given me some great ideas which I will now put into practice Definitely recommended. I m looking at starting my first online based business which is something like a blog I found this to be a motivational sort of outline of the blog process I am a beginner, so I m not qualified to say whether this is comprehensive or not in terms of the scope of blogging I had hoped to find a book that explains technical issues The section on plug ins for instance, suggests multiple plug ins for success but it does not break down what the plug ins do in terms of their functions or what different qualities or levels of them might exist out there or why I might even want them It just tells me to find them online and learn how they work The trouble I have with some expert written books is that the author knows so much they forget what it s like to know nothing and so unintentionally skip over some important issues that prove to be stumbling blocks for novices As I read through the section on plug ins though, most information felt like it was written in a foreign language The thought of having to go online and discover what each of these plug ins do is overwhelming and then return to the text is discouraging I think what would help the next edition is to add a glossary of terms at the back of the book That way I could answer my own questions quickly within the book itself and then I have to go outside of it don t lose the momentum I ve gained an understanding and concentration.Overall I found this to be motivational and have complete confidence that the author knows what they are writing about In this regard it s something like Boot Camp you get thrown in and you got to swim That s the attitude Intentional or not.But if you re OK with that learning style you will probably love this and if you re not OK with that learning style you probably need to learn to be in order to become a successful blogger At least that s my take away and I am going for it Of course the author invites you to subscribe to his blog, both to keep up with what s the newest and as he explains throughout the book to grow his own email list which is valuable Looks like a win win to me. You need to know this book is only 39 pages, 1.5 spaced, larger type The contents read like a powerpoint presentation Here is one example on how to make your blog post go viral If you want to create a blog post that will likely go viral, you want to make sure it has the following qualities the following written with bullet points Relevant Your topic should be relevant Helpful Your topic should address and provide a solution to a common problem Well Organized You blog post should be well organized Personal and Engaging Your blog post must feel like a conversation with a good friend and Detailed Your blog post must contain detailed information on the topic being addressed That s all there is on creating a viral post The rest of the guidance is similar It is not worth the money You can find better information with one Google search.