In A Vast Conspiracy, The Best Selling Author Of The Run Of His Life Casts An Insightful, Unbiased Eye Over The Most Extraordinary Public Saga Of Our Time The Clinton Sex Scandals A Superlative Journalist Known For The Skillfulness Of His Investigating And The Power Of His Writing, Jeffrey Toobin Tells The Unlikely Story Of The Events That Began Over Doughnuts In A Little Rock Hotel And Ended On The Floor Of The United States Senate, With Only The Second Vote On Presidential Removal In American History This Is An Entirely Fresh Look At The Scandal That Very Nearly Brought Down A President Packed With News Making Disclosures And Secret Documents Published Here For The First Time, Toobin Unravels The Three Strands Of A National Scandal Those Leading From Paula Jones, Kenneth Starr, And Monica Lewinsky That Created A Legal, Personal, And Political Disaster For Bill Clinton A Vast Conspiracy Is Written With The Narrative Drive Of A Sensational If Improbable Legal Thriller, And Toobin Brilliantly Explores The High Principle And Low Comedy That Were The Hallmarks Of The Story From Tripp To Goldberg, Isikoff To Hyde, The Complex And Tangled Motivations Behind The Scandal Are Laid Bare While Misguided, Outlandish Behavior Was Played Out At The Very Highest Level, Toobin Analyzes The Facts And The Key Figures With A Level Of Dignity And Insight That This Story Has Not Yet Received The Clinton Scandals Will Shape Forever How We Think About The Signature Issues Of Our Day Sex And Sexual Harassment, Privacy And Perjury, Civil Rights, And, Yes, Cigars Toobin S Book Will Shape Forever How We Think About The Clinton Scandals

6 thoughts on “A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President

  1. deebee124 deebee124 says:

    Not very well written A disappointment.

  2. Gma Sara Gma Sara says:

    Good writing here makes for good reading Moreover, good thinking manages to organize all the bits and pieces and themes and personalities that were polluting the political environment back then and make a relatively straightforward, if not exactly simple, story of what really was a conspiracy, while leaving no doubt that it was prompted and sustained in part by Clinton s own narcissism I was there, and I paid attention, and yet this book is a great relief, allowing me finally to understand what was happening It is also surprisingly amusing, occasionally downright risible, bringing my constant subliminal chuckle to a full belly laugh In part, I suppose, this was because at the time I found Starr et al so despicable and the process so perverted that I couldn t see the humor More importantly, the humor lies in the detail and enlightenment Toobin adds Without disregarding what we all saw in on the news, he gives it short shrift in favor of inside information, effectively using his ability to flesh out players characters, histories, motives and interrelationships I am eager to forget enough of it that I can read it again In fact, I may not even wait.

  3. Virginia G . Pontious Virginia G . Pontious says:

    Precision in reporting that s the sign of a Jeffrey Toobin book about something that really happened Add analysis and common sense, and you have this story of the Clinton Lewinsky scandal that rocked Clinton s presidency Compelling and level headed discussion of motives and consequences A really good read.

  4. avid reader avid reader says:

    Even all these years later, the Clinton Whitewater Lewinsky saga is compelling reading, for so many reasons While it is clear that Toobin feels that Clinton was attacked and judged far too harshly for the particular crime he committed by trysting with Monica Lewinsky, neither does Clinton s repeated boorish behavior get him Clinton off the hook with the author Many of the multitude of books on the subject seem to present either a viciously anti Clinton picture, or a total apology for Clinton s behavior, but this one manages to toe the middle line pretty well Toobin is above all an excellent writer, and the story is still so inherently fascinating that it s difficult to put this one down.

  5. Leon Miller Leon Miller says:

    After reading the first two pages of Vast Conspiracy, you will be hooked Jeffery Toobin has crafted a political analysis that reads like a political thriller.Yet in writing a fascinating, disturbing, and often wildly funny book, Toobin loses none of the objectivity, expertise, and standards that make him television s top legal analyst Toobin s greatest achievement is walking the reader through the swirl of events step by step so the patterns and relationships become clear He also displays a gift for explaining complicated legal issues in everyday terms And, he brings a sense of history, a sympathetic understanding of people, and actual experience in an independent counsel s office to his stage.For example, when discussing sexual harassment, he summarizes its history as a legal concept, explains in depth its role in the impeachment scandal, and even reveals when the term was coined When discussing a principal character, he presents a biographical sketch illuminating that person as a three dimensional human being with a past, beliefs, and values of his or her own, values that shaped and colored their actions.Toobin expresses such concern for historical and human context throughout his book The result is a work that does not narrowly focus on immediate events but instead examines the political and legal forces that stewed and fermented for decades before Monica Lewinsky was born and culminated in the Clinton impeachment trial.To help readers keep track of the overlapping events and myriad of personalities involved, Toobin includes a chronology of events and a cast of characters All this, and it s a great read too Of all the works that have come out of the Clinton trial, this is the most accessible to a general audience and the most important If you read only one book about the impeachment, it should be this one.

  6. morehumanthanhuman morehumanthanhuman says:

    I lived through these events albeit as a teenager , but I was surprised to find out how much I didn t know about them It s also helpful to revisit it as a straightforward narrative rather than try to piece it together through years of back and forth leaks, bombshell scoops, and accusations Toobin does here what he does best takes a sprawling cast and complicated events and does a methodical job putting it together in a readable form Like some of his other books, this almost reads like a novel Like the stories of O.J Simpson or Patty Heast which Toobin has also covered , a lot of the meaning here hinges on when we think someone is lying and when we think they are telling the truth.Highly recommended for anyone wanting to understand the events surrounding Clinton s impeachment.