Sure, I Know You Ve Heard It All Before, Just Pick The Right Niche, Write Good Articles, Sprinkle Affiliate Links Everywhere, And You Are Sure To Make A Profit Well, Have I Got News For You That S Not What The Big Money Bloggers Are Doing Though That S Not To Say There Isn T Some Truth In Putting Affiliate Links In Your Blog, But Just Sprinkling Them Around And Hoping Someone Clicks On Them Is The Wrong Strategy Entirely Thus, This Book Aims To Reveal To You Exactly What The Big Money Bloggers Really Do Which Is Exactly What I Do Make No Mistake About It, Most Who Get Into Blogging Are Totally Clueless In The Area Of Monetization, And Fail To Make Their Blogs Profitable And Since That Is The Reality Of Things, Your Competition Is Low If You Do Things Right, The Way I Illustrate In This Book In Fact, You Ll Never Need To Pick Up Another Blogging Book Again After This Book Is Through With You, Because You Ll Know Exactly What You Need To Do To Monetize Your Blog Trust Me On This, This Book Is The Best Blogging Book You Will Ever Listen To, And It Will Show You A Very True, Very Straightforward Map To Ensuring That You Get Paid From Your Blog The Only Way You Can Fail Is By Not Implementing The Method That I Teach, So Be Sure To Not Just Listen To This Book Passively, And Actually Implement The Method That I M Teaching You, As I M Absolutely Certain That It Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

6 thoughts on “Blogging: The Best Little Darn Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog

  1. Customer Customer says:

    I know the author, and as a blog writer myself, I just want to say how I absolutely loved how effective this book was in helping me to optimise and improve my blog.The clean and simple method is easy to apply to any blog and any niche, and as long as you follow the steps and put in the work you will see results I particularly like the focus on running your blog like a business, because this is what it took for me to go from it being a hobby to professional Five stars

  2. Jim Jim says:

    The book is written like he is a professor or if your in his blogging school.he ta ks about blogging in a different way than any of the blog books yove read.A realistic way of blogging.A lot of blogging ebooks are like 5 pages and dont give you half of the infornation that isaac does.the only chapter i did not agree with was chapter 15.i also did not join his list ,download his plugn.since it looks like he tryng to sell you stuff with his list and mentorship program So if you just read to chapter 14 youll be just fine.the main key to isaac is you have to be consistent.

  3. DaBomb DaBomb says:

    I am relatively new to blogging and I have engaged in a lot of research and reading to gain insight into freelance writing and blogging I was in search of doable monetization strategies and this little book came along and delivered for me I purchased this title because of another book summary by the same author Of course what pulled me to this author was his second book, titled Getting to 2,000 a month in 90 Days Who would not be pulled in by that title Nevertheless, it lead me to this short read and I am grateful I purchased both books This book provided an understandable overview and a good place to start if you are new to blogging and freelance writing This was a welcomed score, it gave me practical and candid thoughts, ideas, and actions to take to be successful as a blogger I found the information straight forward concerning a variety of topics A decent book to have in your library For me, a valuable find.8 9 2017

  4. Makaveli Makaveli says:

    The author does a great job of explaining the different types of blogs and how to monetize them There are some good strategies including promotion of affiliate links that will benefit both the beginner and the advanced blogger.

  5. Tiffany Godfrey Tiffany Godfrey says:

    This was an easy to read and understand book I ve blogged before, but this time I want to take my new blog to the next level Looking forward to using these strategies.

  6. B B says:

    Nice quick read pack with information.