Welcome To Malory Towers, Where There S To Life Than Lessons In Book Of Enid Blyton S Best Loved Boarding School Series, Darrell Rivers Is Thrilled To Start Her First Term At Boarding School She Soon Makes Friends And Mischief Another New Girl, Gwendoline, Is Beginning To Get On Everyone S Nerves Will Darrell Be Able To Keep Her Fiery Temper Under Control

8 thoughts on “Malory Towers: First Term: Malory Towers, Book 1

  1. Amelie Green Amelie Green says:

    I bought this for my 12 year old daughter as she had a casting for Daryl in the upcoming tv series and had never read the series She loved it and we also had great discussions about the time it was set and the norms of the day within the Boarding School frame I grew up with the books and loved them but wondered how it would fare in the 21st century it works equally as well because most children worry about making friends at a new school, lots of children make friendship mistakes and we all want to be liked The book was funny, an easy read and my daughter loved and identified with Daryl She didn t get the part but reading this together every night was a lovely mum daughter experience and I got a little insight into some of her lessons at school too I rather suspect the spider event that happened in her lesson might have had its genesis at Mallory Towers Recommended.

  2. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Absaloutly brilliant from the first term to th last term I highly recommend this book and I think your child would enjoy it at th age 9 well, some 8 year olds are quite advanced at reading so if your chid is great at reading and is the age 8 then of course get the book I think Enid is brilliant and oh how I hate gwen slightly annoying though that they edited it for modern children I read this and when Darrel gave Hwen a rough shake it wsas actually 4 stinging slaps The editors made it way less dramatic Either way I wont argue too much because I am rating this five stars But if I like the older version better, then I shall read my old copies of Malory Towers If you liked this book, I think you will love the Naughtiest Girl book They are great too Fantastic book, great read.

  3. Rameses Rameses says:

    If only life were this good There are some breathtakingly cringeful moments in all these books, but they still give me a warm glow when I re read them in my 50s Everything is so simple, right and wrong are so clear, and whether someone is honest or not can be discovered by whether their eyes are close set or not If only life were so straightforward Lots of fun, and a real trip down memory lane.

  4. Paul Greenwood Paul Greenwood says:

    I loved this book because I normally read J Wilson books but because my best friend recommend malory towers I thought I would give it a go My fave character is sally because she is first Darrell s enemy but then they become besties I havent read the 2,3 and 4th books yet but I think in the fifth at malory towers is a great follow on to the first book I do hope that this series of books are turned into a telivision programme on cbbc like hetty feather , a book I recommend a lot This book was lovely to read and I hope you like it and DON T STOP READING

  5. moodybutcute moodybutcute says:

    I first read this book probably 60 years ago and I enjoyed it as much now as I did then.

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    The Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton was my favourite as a child The books were written a long time before I was born and actually belonged to my mother who would have read them to me and my sister every night before bed I don t know how many times she read those books to us along with other Enid Blyton books she had from her childhood Even now I still love these books and they will definitely be stories I will be reading to my future children.

  7. Mr Jamie Owen Mr Jamie Owen says:

    Quick and easy sale, with a fantastic product Highly recommended

  8. Anna T.Farmer Anna T.Farmer says:

    This is a typical story by Enid Blyton of school days from the past Good fun to read, and also a sensible way into learning a little of what school was like in a past era A jolly read, which flows naturally and most young people would certainly want to contintue through to the end.