The Award Winning Climate Scientist Michael E Mann And The Pulitzer Prize Winning Political Cartoonist Tom Toles Have Been On The Front Lines Of The Fight Against Climate Denialism For Most Of Their Careers They Have Witnessed The Manipulation Of The Media By Business And Political Interests And The Unconscionable Play To Partisanship On Issues That Affect The Well Being Of Billions The Lessons They Have Learned Have Been Invaluable, Inspiring This Brilliant Escape Hatch From The Madhouse Of The Climate Wars The Madhouse Effect Portrays The Intellectual Pretzels Into Which Denialists Must Twist Logic To Explain Away The Clear Evidence That Human Activity Has Changed Earth S Climate Mann S Expert Skills At Science Communication Aim To Restore Sanity To A Debate That Continues To Rage Against Widely Acknowledged Scientific Consensus The Synergy Of These Two Climate Science Crusaders Enlivens The Gloom And Doom Of So Many Climate Themed Books, And May Even Convert Die Hard Doubters To The Side Of Sound Science As both an atmospheric scientist and concerned citizen I highly recommend this book In this hi tech age, the contributions of science and scientists underpin the knowledge and technology that sustain and enhance almost every aspect of our civilisation Yet, never have they faced concerted and sophisticated attacks by powerful, vested interests Climate science and scientists are at the forefront a battle to defend the credibility of the scientific method and evidence based policy making against a rising tide of unscrupulous individuals and organisations whose capacity to discredit science and spread misinformation for personal and political gain has been greatly enhanced by online publishing and social media.Our lives and those of future generations depend on you understanding the scale and urgency of the threats posed by man made climate change This book will help you navigate the maze of spurious and fake scientific argument spread by man made climate change denialists. I ve bought quite a few books in an attempt to understand climate change, but always in the back of my mind was the idea that it was controversial This book explodes this carefully crafted myth Instead we learn how climate change science has been pretty well known for hundreds of years, and much of it was predicted But time after time, doubt is sown in our minds by a slick PR machine working on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, which has built a potemkin village of phony skeptical scientists many of whom are the same scientists who defended the tobacco industry for years to throw up excuses and down right lies to confuse and confound attempts to save the planet from the no.1 threat it faces global warming.Remember the hockey stick , that apparently controversial graph Michael Mann created showing the sudden warming of the planet correlating with people using fossil fuels Well, despite the relentless attacks the matter was settled in the mid 2000 s and the Michael Mann s graph was right No scientist, even those opposed, now believes that the hockey stick graph isn t accurate.Remember the argument over whether warming was really taking place thanks to the now debunked and thoroughly discredited paper by two incompetent scientists using satellite data Myth after myth is debunked in this bunk, but sadly we just don t have time any to wait any longer debating this climate emergency It s all explained in very clear, easy understood language, and the cartoons provide some much needed humour in what is a desperately sad and tragic situation.