Isaac Kronenberg Does It Again With Another Fabulous Blogging Book That Goes Above And Beyond Anything Else Out There This Latest Book By Kronenberg Is The Most Advanced Blogging Book On The Market, Teaching Nothing But The Most Effective Blogging Monetization Strategies That Exist To Get Your Blog From Zero To A Month In Days Everything In This Book Is Based On Real Strategies Currently Used By Top Earning Bloggers Whether You Re New To Blogging Or An Advanced Blogger, If There Was Some Magic Pill That Could Take You From Nothing To Earning A Full Time Income From A Blog, Then This Book Is The Closest Thing In Existence To That Magic Pill If You Re Serious About Earning An Income Blogging, Then This Book Will Be The Best Book Which You Ve Ever Heard On The Subject

6 thoughts on “Blogging: Getting to $2,000 a Month in 90 Days

  1. Sally H Sally H says:

    I really enjoyed this book Written in an easy way to understand and full of helpful tips and strategies I d definitely recommend it.

  2. Brigit Haucke Brigit Haucke says:

    This book talks a lot about talking a lot about blogging There is no real content I can t even say it s beginner level as it appears that the author enjoys to hear himself talk At every turn, he references for the reader to search online about how to do the thing he is writing about us learning to do I believe every person who shows enough interest in blogging to want to buy the book already knows that they will have to get a website, find affiliates and focus on SEO The reason why one would buy the book is to advance our knowledge about those things we already know we will need to do This book left me with no knowledge about how to achieve those 3 essential items This author is using his own advice on creating a bonus for an affiliate link by selling this book feeling dumb that I wasted my money on it.

  3. J. Thomas J. Thomas says:

    Not giving a step by step I can go on, but I will not.links and info that I tried, did not help

  4. cmclinton cmclinton says:

    This is WHY this short book is worth.99 This.99 cent book gave me CLARITY and VERIFICATION that what I am embarking on can and WILL work if I do it properly and don t give up That can be priceless i ts telling me that I m on the right track and a wrong track I needed to change Personally, I needed that verification NOT being a techieby any means has made it difficult for me to put up my own blog not to mention the months on end where i did nothing because of the lack of understanding frustration Just reading from someone who s done it and makes serious money doing sothat it s not rocket science, but does require learning, knowledge, hands on effort, time commitment.and stick toitiveness one blog a day, 90 days, do this list of things is SO worth it Maybe he is telling many of us what we ve already heard and read here and thereisn t it great to know we re on the right trackit was for me I know several of those that only gave it 1 star were looking for something That said, like all bloggers are trying to succeed in, He s got a good business model here, you can actually take a clue from what he s done here like write your own.99 cent book with info on your own niche topic and of course all laborers are worthy of their hire If you want to be a serious blogger, then you just have to get the right perspective from what he s done here. Thanks Isaac I ve taken Chapter 10the simple list of what to get done for the next 90 daysand am starting day one tomorrow morning

  5. Joanna Joanna says:

    Not worth reading you can find the advice online many times over again Also they discuss FTC guidelines way to late in the book The author should of discussed it right where the day out affiliate links and how on a site.

  6. Nicole H. Nicole H. says:

    He is very straightforward and down to business about how to create a product review blog the only kind of blog that will make you a significant amount of money according to him Unfortunately I wasn t interested in a product review blog and I also feel that there are other ways to make money on blogging besides just product reviews I also feel that giving product reviews on products you haven t actually tried one of his main suggestions just doesn t seem very ethical.