Factfulness The Stress Reducing Habit Of Carrying Only Opinions For Which You Have Strong Supporting Facts When Asked Simple Questions About Global Trends Why The World S Population Is Increasing How Many Young Women Go To School How Many Of Us Live In Poverty We Systematically Get The Answers Wrong So Wrong That A Chimpanzee Choosing Answers At Random Will Consistently Outguess Journalists, Nobel Laureates, And Investment Bankers In Factfulness, Professor Of International Health And A Man Who Can Make Data Sing, Hans Rosling, Together With His Two Longtime Collaborators Anna And Ola, Offers A Radical New Explanation Of Why This Happens And Reveals The Instincts That Distort Our Perspective It Turns Out That The World, For All Its Imperfections, Is In A Much Better State Than We Might Think But When We Worry About Everything All The Time Instead Of Embracing A Worldview Based On Facts, We Can Lose Our Ability To Focus On The Things That Threaten Us Most Inspiring And Revelatory, Filled With Lively Anecdotes And Moving Stories, Factfulness Is An Urgent And Essential Book That Will Change The Way You See The World PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio On Our Desktop Site

8 thoughts on “Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About The World - And Why Things Are Better Than You Think

  1. S.P. S.P. says:

    I like the author a lot, but I think the content could fit into a 15 min TED talk Oh, that s right, it did search his name on TED s website It s worth 15 mins for sure but the content in the book just did not expand enough to justify an actual book seems there was some monetisation going on here but I suppose everyone has the right to make money from their fame, posthumously, in his case sadly Unfortunately, I thought the author also fell foul of his own lessons of what not to do on several occassions making assumptions without full investigation, or not defining things properly, etc He sets the bar high, to be fair Example he asks the reader to guess what % of the world population lives in extreme poverty and he points out most people are guilty of using data from 20 30 years ago , but then he basically uses a definition of poverty from 20 30 years ago without considering that the definition might also have progressed in the common sense of the word So he should have been specific about his definition before asking the question.

  2. Mrs Armtrough Mrs Armtrough says:

    Like many people I have lived my whole life feeling guilty and deeply depressed about the terrible state of the world so much so that I have often felt like there was no point in doing anything about it This book changes everything because it puts all that bad news which we are constantly inundated with into fact based context The data that is presented in this fascinating and entertaining book challenges just about everything I believed about the world we live in without in any way minimising the changes that still need to be made This makes me feel not only positive and hopeful about state of humanity but also that it is worth me making an effort to contribute to the incredible improvements that are taking place daily on the planet, world wide and that my participation could actually make a difference.Truly inspirational and life affirming read it now

  3. Karl Strobl Karl Strobl says:

    This is the book Hans Rosling decided to write when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and after cancelling all further speaking engagements It s his testament to how the world has measurably improved on so many levels people are strangely unaware of, and what s left to be done It s a tribute to calm rationality and full of extremely interesting and very personal stories to boot What an interesting and rich life What a marvellous book summing it all up Truly one of the best reads for me in a long time

  4. Andrew Sillis Andrew Sillis says:

    This fascinating book has changed the way I evaluate all kinds of stuff I see on the TV or read about in the papers.If you ve ever felt that you re being spun by a politician or a journalist, this easy to read book will set you straight.The entire world will appear different after reading this big claim I know, but before reading Hans Rosling my global view was confused than that of a troop of chimpanzees.

  5. Head Coach Head Coach says:

    This book very easy to read and is enormously encouraging It helps us put the word today into a true perspective On the other hand, it s a very challenging read because it forces us to change our view that the world is going to hell in a hand basket It does this by using plain unarguable facts rather than the nonsense served up by politicians and the media.What s , the facts in this book should be on every school curriculum so that the next generation is not as misled as the current one is

  6. davidmel davidmel says:

    Brilliant Highly recommended and inspiring I was so sad to find out that the main author of this novel had died His ideas, his realism, his search for solutions to major problems and determination to show the world how we are progressing, without minimising or marginalising any problems that that do exist will surely live on for a long, long time beyond his death I highly recommend this book and any of the associated talks on these matters.

  7. mark mark says:

    Reading the sample and watching the TED talk offers the gist of this book I scored 6 13 in the book s introductory test Apparently, this is a far higher score than the author found when testing world leaders, CEO s and his imaginary caged chimpanzees phew but I m not encouraged by this uncommonly high score.It s not difficult to see why this book appeals to elites When your tiny class owns most of the the world s wealth you want to believe this is acceptable because you re doing a great job of making the world a better place As for being a bestseller, I would disagree with the author that we are evolutionary primed for the drama of bad news Numerous social science studies and not least the 2008 economic crash reveal our culture to be one steeped in denial, distraction and aggressive optimism.That said, there was one fact in particular that illustrates the book s misleading premise The author claims it a fact that tigers, giant pandas and black rhinos are not critically endangered today Unfortunately, this is plain wrong According to WWF black rhinos are in fact critically endangered Tiger numbers worldwide have risen slightly but the National Geographic Society caution people in thinking that we re on an unchangeable path toward recoveryThe stakes continue to be great and tigers remain at risk of global loss As for Pandas It s true that China has saved them from extinction through captive breeding programmes and replanting bamboo forest The reintroduction of Pandas to the wild however hasn t been successful and China s bamboo forests are threatened by climate change.The current global mass extinction of wildlife and related climate change is an inconvenient truth that renders the author s choice facts premature and even misleading This is why I won t be buying the book and will instead choose others that offer a sober, and therefore hopeful, account of the world.

  8. Athula Athula says:

    There is a reason that Bill Gates is giving this book away Gates does not want to change the world, instead, Gates is helping to change the people s clouded mind with Hans Rosling who practised factfulness throughout his life and work.