Everyone S A Aliebn When Ur A Aliebn Too Is The Story Of A Lonely Alien Sent To Observe Earth, Only To Meet All Sorts Of Creatures With All Sorts Of Perspectives On Life, Love, And Happiness, All While Learning To Feel A Little Better About Being An Alien Based On The Enormously Popular Twitter Account Jonnysun Here Is The Unforgettable Story Of Jomny, A Lonely Alien Who, For The First Time Ever, Finds A Home On Our Planet After Learning That Earthlings Can Feel Lonely, Too Jomny Finds Friendship In A Bear Tired Of Other Creatures Running Away In Fear, An Egg Struggling To Decide What To Hatch Into, An Owl Working Its Way To Being Wise, A Tree Feeling Stuck In One Place, A Tadpole Coming To Terms With Turning Into A Frog, A Dying Ghost, A Puppy Unable To Express Itself, And Many Through This Story Of A Lost, Lonely And Confused Alien Finding Friendship, Acceptance, And Love Among The Creatures Of Earth, We Will All Learn How To Be A Little Human And For All Of Us Earthbound Creatures Here On This Planet, We Can All Be Reminded That Sometimes It Takes An Outsider To Help Us See Ourselves For Who We Truly Are

8 thoughts on “Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book

  1. Danny Danny says:

    This is possibly the purest book I have ever read It s like getting a hug from a book.Do yourself a favour and get a physical copy of the book I normally read everything on my kindle but the illustrations in this are far too fantastic to be viewed on a digital screen Plus you can colour them in on your way to work.This is one of those books you ll read then want to give as a gift to everyone you know Children, grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, it doesn t matter It s just such pure wholesomeness there s something for everyone.Give Jomny a follow on Twitter as well He s a very funny friendly guy.

  2. Anthemusa Reviews Anthemusa Reviews says:

    I originally bought this as a gift after reading several gushing reviews about how thought provoking it is and how it was helpful for people with anxiety and depression Total waste of money Talk about all hype and no substance It s essentially a cartoon and while there were one or two lovely thoughts in it, we clearly both missed the point of it because neither of us found it particularly thought provoking or inspiring It was just a badly spelled one picture per page cartoon.

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    I bought this book for my 15 year old who is having a bit of a hard time emotionally He s thinking a lot about existence and death He read it rare for him to read this days and afterwards he came to me specifically to thank me for buying the book saying I understand why you chose it now And those of you with teenage boys will understand that that constitutes a rave review.

  4. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    The most truly optimistic, heartwarmingly honest book I ve read in years I ve been a fan of jomny s for many years but am always sceptical when Internet personalities release books Despite my initial doubt, I ordered a copy and I m so glad I did This book is a delight from start to finish, and never failed to render me speechless.As for the physical book itself, the book is high quality, and has survived than a few journeys in my handbag.Buy this for your children, your siblings, your friends as a gift, or just as a reminder that when two aliebns find each other in a strange place, that place can feel a little like home

  5. M. Iddon M. Iddon says:

    Such a beautiful, moving, funny, thoughtful book It s one of those special things you discover that you just want to share with everybody you know It s also a lovely produced book, great illustrations begging to be coloured in and words that you ll want to put on a T shirt It s truly a great book and a wonderful achievement by it s author Jomny Sun.

  6. Rebecca S. Rebecca S. says:

    I have literally never cried so hard at a book in all my life Jomny and his pals tell you things that you didn t know you needed to hear but that make your life infinitely better as soon as you hear them This whole book is like getting a hug when you need it the most 3

  7. mariyah99 mariyah99 says:

    Bought this as a birthday present for a friend as she had seen jomny sun on Twitter and loved his vibe, and she also loved the book I have yet to give it a read, but it looks like a cute lil book.

  8. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    Everyone should own this book It s comforting, philosophical, endearing and hopeful Filled with many life lessons and questions, as well as many relatable characters I never thought I d say I can relate to an egg So happy I purchased this book, I ve purchased some as gifts and each recipient has loved it You really can t go wrong buying this book, it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy We are all aliebns and we should all be like Jomny.