Camille Coduri Reads This Brand New Novelisation Of The Tenth Doctor S First Adventure Earth Is Under Attack By Power Hungry Aliens This Is No Time For The Doctor To Be Out Of Action When A British Space Probe Is Intercepted By A Sinister Alien Vessel On The Eve Of Christmas, It Marks The Beginning Of An Audacious Invasion Of The Earth By The Sycorax Horrifying Marauders From Beyond The Stars Within Hours, A Third Of Humanity Stands On The Brink Of Death With Not A Single Shot Fired Our Planet Needs A Champion But The Doctor Is Not Fit For Service He S Just Regenerated, Delirious In A New Body And A Dressing Gown Forced Into His Battered Shoes Is His Friend, Rose Tyler, A Girl From A London Council Estate Will She Save The World From This Nightmare Before Christmas Or See It Destroyed BBC Worldwide BBC Worldwide Novelisation Copyright Jenny T Colgan Original Script Copyright Russell T Davies Cover Illustration By Anthony Dry BBC Logo BBC Doctor Who Logo BBC For BBC Worldwide Reading Produced By Neil Gardner Recorded At Ladbroke Audio Ltd Sound Design By David Darlington Executive Producer Michael Stevens TARDIS Sound Effect Composed By Brian Hodgson For BBC Books Editorial Director Albert DePetrillo Project Editor Steve Cole Cover Design Two Associates Cover Illustration Anthony Dry Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion First Published By BBC Books In

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion

  1. Alaran Alaran says:

    This is very much in the vein of the old Target novelisations in that it relates the story pretty much as it was onscreen, maintaining the dialogue as in the script, but chucking in a few embellishments that enrich it It s a well paced read that captures the spirit of the original.It is a fairly obvious choice for this re start of Target style novelisations to pick the first episode from the Tenth Doctor However, it is a bit of a Doctor light story where the companion takes centre stage for most of it The Christmas Invasion works well in building the anticipation for the proper arrival of a new Doctor onscreen This novelisation emulates that build up successfully and expresses an appropriate atmosphere of glee as the Tenth Doctor wanders out of the Tardis doors to face the Sycorax.The ground support crew for the Guinevere One probe receive a bit of expended character development especially in the case of Llewellyn and Sally who receive a bit of an unrequited love story This helps to give personal depth to their predicaments and fates.One of the things I really liked about this book is its treatment of Mickey Smith I was always uncomfortable with the way Rose and the Doctor treated him It struck me that it wasn t a way the Doctor would behave, and it certainly never endeared me to Rose It was an issue that wasn t even really addressed until The Rise of the Cybermen The Age of Steel This novelisation, though, often takes Mickey s point of view and we see how he slowly comes to terms as best as he can with the fact that he has lost Rose forever, that he can t compete with the new, younger looking Doctor who whisks her off once It is often a touching and poignant bit of writing and although it adds nothing to the actual plot it instils another level of humanity into the story.A welcome and enjoyable addition to Target novelisations.

  2. rob w rob w says:

    Jenny T Colgan has written original Doctor Who stories this I think is her first adaption of a TV episode The original episode marked the debut of David Tennant s Doctor it starts with something that was not part of the original episode but was a mini episode for the Children In Need charity event and it shows Rose s initial reaction to the regeneration of the Doctor Jenny Colgan does not mess too much with the original story she adds a slight romantic sub plot and introduces the scientists in charge of the Guinevere One space probe So what you have is a good retelling of the story with a few extra bits of colour.

  3. RDD RDD says:

    Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion is part of the new Target Collection, which adapt the television episodes as the earlier Target books did in the 1970s In this novel, Jenny T Colgan adapts Russell T Davies script for the first full episode with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant Colgan uses the novel format to include the Doctor s perspective as he regenerated and references to his time with Lady Jane Grey in the Tower of London as it relates to UNIT moving their headquarters there She also does to foreshadow the Doctor and Rose s relationship, makes what she calls a particularly 2017 move in describing Harriet Jones health pg 167, a reference to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election , and even adds a nice crossover memory with Douglas Adams Hitchhiker s Guide series pg 144.As one of the first of this new Target series, Colgan strikes the right balance between reminding audiences why they loved the televised episode and crafting a good novel with all the freedom that prose allows Fans of Doctor Who should find plenty to love here, both for nostalgia and as a supplement to the revived series.

  4. TJB TJB says:

    The Christmas invasion is very much a late Christmas present, Jenny has taken what was a perfectly good TV story and not only created tension anew with additional characters but also gives us a deeper insight into the turmoil Rose goes through coming to terms with a new Doctor.

  5. Austin haigh Austin haigh says:

    If you grew up a fan of Doctor Who Target novels in the 70 s and 80 s you ll love this Very traditional Just missing the great Terrance Dicks.

  6. Braincapers Braincapers says:

    I really enjoyed this It felt like a classic Target A well written prose version of a classic story It s a fairly straight version with some excellent embellishments You really get the feeling of the characters.

  7. M.j M.j says:

    Got this for my son who absouletly loves doctor who He loved the book.

  8. k say k say says:

    Lovely retelling of the original script, nicely written and full of nostalgic memories of the original Target books