A Chilling, Lavishly Illustrated Who S Who Of The Most Despicable People Ever To Walk The Earth, Featuring Both Rare And Best Loved Stories From The Hit Podcast Lore, Now An Online Streaming Series Here Are The Incredible True Stories Of Some Of The Mortals Who Achieved Notoriety In History And Folklore Through Horrible Means Monsters Of This Sort Serial Killers, Desperate Criminals And Socially Mobile People With Much Darker Double Lives Are, In Fact, Quite Realincluding H H Holmes, The Infamous Chicago Serial Killer William Brodie, The Edinburgh Criminal Mastermind Who Inspired The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde And Bela Kiss, A Hungarian Tinsmith With A Most Disturbing Hobby Collecting Women In Gasoline Drums As Aaron Mahnke Reminds Us, Sometimes The Truth Is Even Scarier Than The Lore

5 thoughts on “The World of Lore, Volume 2: Wicked Mortals

  1. Mark Grace Mark Grace says:

    The second in the LORE series, and just as enjoyable Again there is none of the wonderful background music from the LORE podcast and most of the stories are from that podcast, but at over nine hours this is an absolute joy to listen to.

  2. laura taylor laura taylor says:

    Loved every page

  3. ClareJay ClareJay says:

    This is the second volume of the Lore books, based on Aaron Mahnke s podcast of the same name The first volume is titled Monstrous Creatures and the second volume covers something even terrifying, Wicked Mortals Sometimes the real life monsters are scarier than the myths and fairy tales and this book goes into some detail about both infamous and the obscure killers There s a lot covered in this books 320 pages HH Holmes you might recognise, he gets his own section and also pops up as a guest character throughout the book There s also a section titled Axmans Jazz which covers the infamous murders in New Orleans where the killer pledged to pass every house that played jazz music There s plenty about witchcraft and those accused of practicing it The author goes into some detail about how this was used by jealous or vindictive neighbours as a way of stirring trouble Mahnke often gives modern context to stories from hundreds of years ago and his voice comes through in the pages of this book He has his own colloquial way of telling these stories and it s great to read them written in this fashion I ve listened to a fair few episodes of the Lore podcast and this is a great accompaniment to it The illustrations are top notch and the book is obviously thoroughly researched If you have an interest in the bizarre and macabre then I d definitely recommend this book As for myself, I can t wait for volume 3.I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a fair review.

  4. Spencer Spencer says:

    A morbidly fascinating look into some truly awful people and bizarre events Being a fan of the Lore podcast I picked this up knowing what to expect and it totally delivered The writing is really easy to get into and despite the disturbing subjects the tone is surprisingly light, making this a very compelling read.As the title suggests this book features a variety of wicked people and deeds, a whether you ve listed to the podcast or seen the show I d still recommend this as it s a lot of fun in a wonderfully ghoulish way.

  5. BookPolar BookPolar says:

    I loved the podcast Lore and this book by the same name is no different I haven t read the first in the series, but that did not affect my enjoyment of this book.Wicked Mortal covers some truly awful people and I loved every second of it.Easy to read and thoroughly amusing.