Great book I ve deleted my Facebook and have got back so much time to do other stuff with You ll be surprised how much better you ll feel cutting out all those crappy status reads, all those rubbish comments, all that pointless stuff you don t need to see I promise it ll make you feel better Give the book a read. Random House Presents The Audiobook Edition Of Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now By Jaron Lanier, Read By Oliver Wyman Jaron Lanier, The World Famous Silicon Valley Scientist Pioneer And High Tech Genius Sunday Times Who First Alerted Us To The Dangers Of Social Media, Explains Why Its Toxic Effects Are At The Heart Of Its Design And Explains In Simple Arguments Why Liberating Yourself From Its Hold Will Transform Your Life And The World For The Better Social Media Is Making Us Sadder, Angrier, Less Empathetic, Fearful, Isolated And Tribal In Recent Months It Has Become Horribly Clear That Social Media Is Not Bringing Us Together It Is Tearing Us Apart In Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now,Jaron Lanier Draws On His Insider S Expertise To Explain Precisely How Social Media Works By Deploying Constant Surveillance And Subconscious Manipulation Of Its Users And Why Its Cruel And Dangerous Effects Are At The Heart Of Its Current Business Model And Design As Well As Offering Simple Arguments For Liberating Yourself From Its Addictive Hold, His Witty And Urgent Manifesto Outlines A Vision For An Alternative That Provides All The Benefits Of Social Media Without The Harm So, If You Want A Happier Life, A Just And Peaceful World, Or Merely The Chance To Think For Yourself Without Being Monitored And Influenced By The Richest Corporations In History, Then The Best Thing You Can Do, For Now, Is Delete Your Social Media Accounts Right Now You Will Almost Certainly Become A Calmer And Possibly A Nicer Person In The Process It took a while for me to get into the style of the author s writing and it did seem one sided That said as a user of three social media systems it did cause me to stand back and think Haven t got to the point of deleting them yet but seriously considering it. This is an ideal read for the beach It s just the right length and sets a nice balance between intelligent argument and a humour that wouldn t be out of place in a sequel to Team America In places, one can almost visualise a puppet railing against certain evil social media companies Turning the last page, I found myself wondering if there s an age at which someone, having read this book, would then be likely to go away and delete their SM accounts Maybe mid forties, so you can set your kids the challenge of reading this without them being likely to claim that you ve ruined their social media lives. I was drawn to this book because I keep hearing that I m supposed to delete my facebook account, but it doesn t seem to be getting through to me as to why I am also aware that facebook, twitter etc do make me feel worse I don t know why.I had to read this book twice The first time I could tell the points were there, but mixed in with other points so it was unclear So the second time I made my own notes, making specific examples relating to my own experience the websites that aren t what he means but I find comparible eg Mail Online that the information relates to as well.I understand now The websites are free, paid for by adverts The Mail Online specifically puts horrible articles that generate nasty comments clicks your time Similarly, tv news choose horrible news stories get higher viewing figures That is just one part I took from the book, it s too much about money for the advertisers.The central most fascinating point to me was the concept of Facebook etc switching you to Pack Mode where you find yourself comparing yourself to others and feeling less than The author recommends the alternative which is Solitary Wolf Mode In Solitary Wolf Mode you are open to the bigger picture How he explains the two made me realise that I get such great ideas and am happier in Solitary Wolf Mode but I am no good in Pack Mode, I feel limited worse That might not be true for everyone Being on those websites depletes your energy ideas.Early in the book the author creates an abbreviation BUMMER then used that word in capitals throughout I couldn t remember what it meant, was slightly offputting It refers to that type of website. I first clocked this book in a bookshop in town It caught my eye as I d been feeling a bit ambivalent about Social Media for a long time Having a very quick flick through I put it back thinking it might be a bit ranty conspiracy theorist However some weeks later I decided to take the plunge and downloaded it on my Kindle Firstly this chap is well qualified to discuss the subject intelligently Secondly it has a just enough humour to make it an engaging read Thirdly his arguments are very well articulated and based on logic and fact So much so I took his advice and promptly deleted all my social media accounts So far, the world hasn t ended, Ive not become a social exile, I get far less irritated by twaddle, and have found hours time a week I shan t be going back. Everybody should read this book, very revealing, I have taken Jaron s advice and am not looking back.