Absolutely loved Girl Wash Your Face and this didn t disappoint Rachel can totally relate to women and talks candidly about our insecurities and fears as women giving us perspective and making us feel we can take on any challenge I Believe We Can Change The World But First, We Ve Got To Stop Living In Fear Of Being Judged For Who We AreRachel Hollis Has Seen It Too Often Women Not Living Into Their Full Potential They Feel A Tugging On Their Hearts For Something , But They Re Afraid Of Embarrassment, Of Falling Short Of Perfection, Of Not Being Enough In Girl, Stop Apologizing, Number One New York Times Best Selling Author And Founder Of A Multimillion Dollar Media Company, Rachel Hollis Sounds A Wake Up Call She Knows That Many Women Have Been Taught To Define Themselves In Light Of Other People Whether As Wife, Mother, Daughter, Or Employee Instead Of Learning How To Own Who They Are And What They Want With A Challenge To Women Everywhere To Stop Talking Themselves Out Of Their Dreams, Hollis Identifies The Excuses To Let Go Of, The Behaviors To Adopt, And The Skills To Acquire On The Path To Growth, Confidence, And Believing In Yourself As An Audiobook Exclusive, Join Rachel In A Guided Meditation Bonus Track Designed To Ground You In Gratitude With Focus And Intention PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Library On Audible I love Rachel Hollis and loved this book There might be some sections that just don t apply to your but you can get something from it I think this covered a lot of areas in the previous book, Girl, wash your face, but this was better written and punchy It sounded like Rachel You don t need to read this and girl wash your face This is or less the upgraded bad ass version xx I have Girl Stop apologising on audio and I bought Hard copy for my collection so I can make notes Every women should read this book We all live Rachel Hollis and to no surprise as she is a boisterous woman And the book is very good and nicely motivational. I love this woman from the bottom of my heart.This is gospel for me.Will always buy her wisdom. Amazing book that really resonated with me and I imagine the vast majority of women too with excuses, actions and skills Beautifully written it felt like Rachel was chatting to me about her experiences and what she d learnt Hugely uplifting too 10 10 I loved every part of this amazing book While reading it I felt like Rachel wrote me a long letter to address all my insecurities and that she was able to speak to my true soul I think it s one of the best motivational book, very practical, she starts discussing some of the most frequent excuses that we tell ourselves but she goes on to illustrate some of the best behaviours that we can adopt and how we can overcome some of our biggest fears.