In The Talent Code, Award Winning Journalist Daniel Coyle Draws On Cutting Edge Research To Reveal That, Far From Being Some Abstract Mystical Power Fixed At Birth, Ability Really Can Be Created And Nurtured In The Process, He Considers Talent At Work In Venues As Diverse As A Music School In Dallas And A Tennis Academy Near Moscow To Demonstrate How The Wiring Of Our Brains Can Be Transformed By The Way We Approach Particular Tasks He Explains What Is Really Going On When Apparently Unremarkable People Suddenly Make A Major Leap Forward He Reveals Why Some Teaching Methods Are So Much Effective Than Others Above All, He Shows How All Of Us Can Achieve Our Full Potential If We Set About Training Our Brains In The Right Way The book was used and had someone els s notes written in it, apart from that it is a great read It is easy, informative, interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed putting in to practice what I ve learned. I absolutely loved this book in how it broke down the development of skills and looked at the underlying elements behind practice and talent development I found the section on what made a very successful coach most insightful and will incorporate many of the methods he discussed into my own practice. If you are interested in learning some of the reasons why some people are so talented This book is the one for you.I also recommend the book Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. Could not stop reading Having read Bounce I was really looking forward to this I read it in one sitting Well written, well researched and very interesting I am not sure if I subscribe to all that is put forward as fact but the way it is makes this a great read for and Sports or Music player or coach teacher I read this and immediately regretted not knowing this while I was training Genuinely haven t read such a good book on teaching coaching for a long while Myelin seems to be the way forward This book provides insights into the oft elusive learning acceleration of being in the zone Many people have experienced it but this is the first time I ve seen it described well and in a very accessible way. I really don t like to write negative reviews but this is a waste of money it s nothing than case studies of people that have learned some pretty amazing stuff