One Of Our Greatest Philosophers And Scientists Of The Mind Asks Where The Self Comes From And How Our Selves Can Exist In The Minds Of Others Can Thought Arise Out Of Matter Can Self, Soul, Consciousness, I Arise Out Of Mere Matter If It Cannot, Then How Can You Or I Be Here I Am A Strange Loop Argues That The Key To Understanding Selves And Consciousness Is The Strange Loop A Special Kind Of Abstract Feedback Loop Inhabiting Our Brains The Most Central And Complex Symbol In Your Brain Is The One Called I The I Is The Nexus In Our Brain, One Of Many Symbols Seeming To Have Free Will And To Have Gained The Paradoxical Ability To Push Particles Around, Rather Than The Reverse How Can A Mysterious Abstraction Be Real Or Is Our I Merely A Convenient Fiction Does An I Exert Genuine Power Over The Particles In Our Brain, Or Is It Helplessly Pushed Around By The Laws Of Physics These Are The Mysteries Tackled In I Am A Strange Loop, Douglas Hofstadter S First Book Length Journey Into Philosophy Since G Del, Escher, Bach Compulsively Listenable And Endlessly Thought Provoking, This Is A Moving And Profound Inquiry Into The Nature Of Mind PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

8 thoughts on “I Am a Strange Loop

  1. Marcus Marcus says:

    It hurts me to give a bad review to the author of G del, Escher, Bach, which was an inspiration to me when I first read it some 40 years ago This book rehearses a lot of the territory of GEB, adding new analogies and even a couple of dialogues, but it lacks finesse compared with its predecessor, and adds little.As well as repeating his arguments about G del s theorem, Hofstadter uses this book to discuss his theory of self, I , or consciousness, which he treats as synonyms The title of the book says that consciousness is tied to self representation, the level breaking recursion that happens in the proof of G del s theorem It s a nice theory, but Hofstadter leaves it as a tantalising possibility, rather than giving any detail.Indeed, when you start to think seriously about Hofstadter s theory, it falls to pieces If I were to build a computer that had an internal representation of itself, a strange loop , would that make the computer conscious Even if the computer had no sense of pleasure or pain, in fact no sensations at all, and no knowledge of other computers or people or individuals of any kind Surely a strange loop is not a sufficient condition for consciousness Or what about an infant human without the mental ability to represent itself Is it conscious Surely it is, unless you have hit it on the head with a blunt instrument So a strange loop is not a necessary condition for consciousness.If you want to read a far disciplined analysis of consciousness, I can strongly recommend the works of Hofstadter s friends, David Chalmers and especially Daniel Dennett Or try Thomas Metzinger.Sorry Hofstadter, you must try harder But please do, you are a genius, and it is a waste to fritter away your talent writing books like this.

  2. forcevitale forcevitale says:

    If Douglas Hofstadter was heard and understood, there would be peace in the world He clarified in this book what the spectrum of feeling is This is the complete demonstration of empathy I d love it if someone could rewrite it to include machine learning edge detection granularly into his analysis of self perception and representation Here he sometimes misses the mark ever so slightly But that is statistic noise at other times he goes beyond perfection.His pages on the death of his wife I was brought to tears and to deepen the already deepest bonds I have with my friends.

  3. Rev. Andy Rev. Andy says:

    But rather repetitive.

  4. John Harbord John Harbord says:

    A very personal book that held my attention but it did not seem like the update sequel to GEB Godel, Escher, Bach An Eternal Golden Braid that I hoped it would be.

  5. Persephone Persephone says:

    A loop within a loop within a loop No matter what you thought you knew about programming and meta programming, this read will blast you away Hofstadter along with Lilly will let you take control of the ultimate empire Your mind

  6. Phillip Carter Phillip Carter says:

    Pick up The mind s I if you can as well They work well together.

  7. Iammrnovember Iammrnovember says:

    Not for everyone but if you stick with it is enlightening but not an easy read.

  8. Borbala Betlen Borbala Betlen says:

    It is an amazing book that makes you think about the world and the I you are.