The Mental Load by Emma is like a box of assorted Danish biscuits while some taste like semi hardened butter, so sweet and soft in the way they crumble under on molars, some you just want to chuck in the bin Still, within this work, you can feel Emma s passion, frustration, and pain with a bit of disdain about the themes surrounding this book As a reader, sometimes that is all you can ask for.The Mental Load takes a broad, yet intimate look at typical problems faced by women in the western world It also examines the types of mindsets that cause and perpetuate these problems From men s lazy attitudes to domestic chores to doctors lack of respect for the woman body during childbirth From the unchecked killings of minorities by police to subtle workplace discrimination women face From media manipulations during riots to wide economic disparities in the society, The Mental Load sets out in a humorous way with the aid of drawings , numerous examples of compromising situations women and minorities face on a day to day basis.The Mental Load excels in giving us details of how women are shortchanged by the present cultural hive mind To its credit, it also suggests little ways things we can all change things for the better without losing our minds Also, Emma isn t scared to say when she doesn t see a pertinent solution to a particular problem This is refreshing in a book.The term feminism is a controversial term for a good reason And books like this always have their men bashing section The Mental Load is no different I believe the book gets most things right about the cultural upbringing that makes most modern men what they are However, I feel it makes the same mistakes men and women make when hurting and itching for a change, which is using few extreme examples to indicate the spread of an insidious behaviour that needs to be rooted out in other people The instinct of this mindset is always to look out, never within Ultimately, this always results in divisions and tragedies it never ends up with the goals we have in mind.However, with authors like Emma striving to bring inclusivity, understanding, and compassion, I hope we might all come to a good path where who you are and what you look like no longer defines how your life is going to turn out.The Mental Load is a book that won t be to everyone s taste, but it does a decent job of not just achieving what it sets out to do with simplicity and candour. A New Voice In Comics Is Incisive, Funny, And Fiercely Feminist The Mental Load It S Incessant, Gnawing, Exhausting, And Disproportionately Falls To Women You Know The Scene You Re Making Dinner, Calling The Plumber Doctor Mechanic, Checking Homework And Answering Work Emails At The Same Time All The While, You Are Being Peppered With Questions By Your Nearest And Dearest Where Are My Shoes , Do We Have Any Cheese Australian Broadcasting Corp On Emma S Comic In Her First Book Of Comic Strips, Emma Reflects On Social And Feminist Issues By Means Of Simple Line Drawings, Dissecting The Mental Load, Ie All That Invisible And Unpaid Organizing, List Making And Planning Women Do To Manage Their Lives, And The Lives Of Their Family Members Most Of Us Carry Some Form Of Mental Load About Our Work, Household Responsibilities, Financial Obligations And Personal Life But What Makes Up That Burden And How It S Distributed Within Households And Understood In Offices Is Not Always Equal Or Fair In Her Strips Emma Deals With Themes Ranging From Maternity Leave It Is Not A Vacation , Domestic Violence, The Clitoris, The Violence Of The Medical World On Women During Childbirth, And Other Feminist Issues, And She Does So In A Straightforward Way That Is Both Hilarious And Deadly Serious If You Re Not Laughing, You Re Probably Crying In Recognition Emma S Comics Also Address The Everyday Outrages And Absurdities Of Immigrant Rights, Income Equality, And Police Violence Emma Has Over , Followers On Facebook, Her Comics Have Been Shared , Times, And Have Elicited Comments From , Internet Users An Article About Her In The French Magazine L Express Drew Million Views A Record Since The Site Was Created And Her Comic Has Just Been Picked Up By The Guardian Many Women Will Recognize Themselves In The Mental Load, Which Is Sure To Stir A Wide Ranging, Important Debate On What It Really Means To Be A Woman Today It has than mental load work overload, immigrant issues, emotional manipulation You can finish the book in a couple of hours I loved it, I hope she keeps publishing. Eye opening book about lots of aspects of intersectional feminism and modern life generally, presented in an easy to read entertaining way Love this book Her comic on the mental load I always thought was brilliant and seeing of her ideas is fantastic Buying for all my friends for Christmas Funny but so many important aspects of society to think about This book will stay with me for a long time Perhaps this book should be compulsory reading in secondary schools to help the next generations organise lives fairly and effectively. The different format made this an engaging book and the concept of mental load was well explained Nothing new in the book but well done Emma and continue with building your cooperatives.