Disturbing Real Life Horror Collection Do You Love A Good Horror Story Well, Welcome To The Dark World Where Death And Fear Are Lurking Around Every Corner, Waiting To Strike When You Least Expect It Oh, And Please Keep The Lights On Because These Stories Are All True Here S A Harrowing Array Of Spine Chilling Stories That Will Make Your Heart Race Nonstop This Book Is Full Of Twists And Turns, Dark Corners, Edge Of Your Seat Suspense, And Devilish Plots That Get Your Blood Pumping Horror Anthology Contains Short Stories Of Terrifying Real Tales Of Horror With Exceptional Articulation And Clarity, Author Ann Gaiman Spins Dark But Real Tales That Will Make You Sit On The Edge Of Your Seat Excerpt From The BookNot Only Was It All Done By A Single Person, This Person Also Happened To Be A Highly Educated Historian Many Other Academics Knew Of Him, Who Mostly Studied The Folklore And History Of The Celts Along With Linguistics And Languages His Personal Library Contained Numerous Academic Documents And A Large And Intriguing Doll Collection The Investigators Of The Case Found Corpses Of Young Females Between The Ages Of And The Man Was Also Accused Of Desecrating Over Graves The Corpses Looked Like Real Dolls And Were Mummified Not Only Did He Dress And Put Wigs On Them, He Also Applied Wax And Makeup To Their Dead Faces He Would Then Throw Parties For The Corpses That He Referred To As His Girls An Even Macabre Touch Was That He Would Put Music Boxes Inside The Rib Cages Of Some Of The Beloved Dolls Don T Delay Get Your Copy This Horror Anthology Right Away You Ll Be So Happy You Did Warning Some Content May Be Graphic And Disturbing

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