Having previously read The Unexpected Joy of being sober, and bought many copies for my boozy friends, I was excited to await the delivery of Catherine s new book The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober saw me through six months alcohol free last year and was the one book on giving up alcohol that I kept referring to again and again like a good friend When I picked up the wine glass again, it was because of confusion and sadness about my relationships I quickly slipped back into drinking too much again Well, Tadah just in time for the New Year here comes my old friend and sober sister to the rescue, with a whole new book of wisdom perfect for me I have read a lot of books about relationships and this has been the most illuminating I particularly enjoyed the section on dog whistle politics seeing myself as clearly involved in this in my current relationship Knowing that using alcohol as a crutch was deeply connected to my love life was my starting point for reading The Unexpected Joy of being Single I am in a long term 28 years relationship, but this book has cast a new lens for me to look through over my relationships history and has given me the confidence to seek what will ultimately be the healthiest option for me I am 10 days sober, with the intention of making this permanent, and each evening when feeling sad and wanting to immerse myself in wine, I dig out Catherine s books and look to my future I am now working my way through the extensive recommendations list provided Thank you, Catherine.Buy this book, it could change your life as it has mine. The narrative was a bit all over the place with a timeline given here and there and interspersed with research, facts and figures which the reader could find themselves online if they searched.The book is self help biographical but unlike the first book didn t have the same flow and I struggled to absorb myself in the story.That said there are some nice quotes in there and I enjoyed the letter Catherine wrote to her niece and nephew.I also think that some of Catherine s revelations about being single are already pretty obvious to most reasonable secure and well adjusted adults Maybe best suited to those who really are struggling to accept being single there are plenty of people out there who could benefit from reading this to put their thoughts and fears into perspective. This book is incredible and I can t recommend it enough Whether you re single, ten years married or divorced It s not technically about being single, it s about finding enough love for yourself that you re never alone.My favourite part of all is the analogy of the heart being a 38 room house When you re in something deep, you seem to think that there s only a tower room.In the words of Radiohead s Karma Police for a minute there I lost myself Well, if I ever feel that way in a relationship, I now have that song and Catherine s incredible book.Thank you for pushing through and battling the myth that if you re single you re not happy Beautifully written, beautifully executed and beautifully on every shelf in the book shops.Read it, you won t regret it. I admit I had expectations of this book Thought it might be one of those lifting pick me up books But no The book is completely self centered around the author s love life and her attempts to give up dating Whilst doing so, I think there s a huge assumption on the author s side that almost all singles suffer from wrong relationships And on our side, it s not that at all There are lots of women who don t date from one guy to another, to find the one We have reserved lives It seems like the author suffers from an abundance of relationships so goes on fasting She talks about biological clock etc Helloooo, there are also single women with children out there What a self centred book I m taking it to the charity shop I feel like I have a lot in common with Catherine Gray We are the same age, have the same attitude to children and sadly also had similar experiences with alcohol and relationships in our 20s and 30s I found her book about sobriety extremely helpful when I gave up booze a year ago, and although I am now happily married I was interested to read her thoughts on singledom and support the book I am glad I did it s an engaging and thoughtful book full of anecdote, advice and perspective I wish it had been available when I was last single as it might have saved my self esteem and prevented a lot of unhappiness. Single In Your Late S Or, Hold The Phone, In Your S Or Beyond Oh Hi You Re In The Right Place Over A Third Of Us Are Now Single With The Single Camp Growing At Times The Rate Of The Actual Population, It Is Now The Norm To Be Single Well Into Our S The Average Marriage Age For Women Is And For Men But Nobody Seems To Have Told Society, Rom Com Makers, Songwriters, Marriage Hungry Mothers, Tick Tock Uncles, Our Mates Or Us That Cue Single Anxiety Love Addiction Spending Hours Scrolling Through Dating Apps Being Inconsolable When He She Doesn T Text Humming Here Comes The Bride When They Do Catherine Gray Went Through All Of This And Then Some She Took A Whole Year Off Dating To Get Her Love Hooked Head Straight How Do We Chill Our Boots About Our Single Status Detach From All The Good Ones Are Gone Panic And Deprogramme From Urgent, Red, Heart Shaped Societal Pressure To Find Your Other Half We Know Intellectually That Single Is Far Preferable To Panic Settling, Yet We Forget That Almost Constantly Why Psychologists And Neuroscientists Tell Us Let S Start The Reverse Brainwash And Locate Our Happily Single Sanity For Good Are You In Spoiler You Re Already A Whole Person