The Prequel To Tom Reynolds Hit Meta Superhero Novel Series Is Finally Here The World Is Still Reeling From The Devastation Of The Final Battle Between The World S Strongest Metahumans Empire City Has Been Left In Shambles As It Struggles To Rebuild Overnight, The World S Metabands, Mysterious Bracelets That Offer Their Owner S Superhuman Powers And Abilities, Have All Ceased Working Guilt Ridden Over His Possible Hand In All Of This, The Masked Vigilante Midnight Has Hung Up His Cowl Instead Of Fighting Crime, He Now Spends His Sleepless Nights Searching For Clues To Recover The Device That Might Be Responsible For All Of It Before It Can Fall Into The Wrong Hands Along The Way He Meets Amanda Khan, A Teenage Girl With A Metahuman History In Search Of Her Missing Friend Both Find The Clues To What They Re Both Searching For Lead Them To The Receptive, A Secretive Cult Which Offers A Path To Meta Humanity To Its Most Loyal Followers And May Just Hold The Answers To The Missing Device Don T Forget To Check Out The Other Audiobooks In The Meta Series, Including Meta, The Second Wave, And Rise Of The Circle

5 thoughts on “Midnight Strikes

  1. Bookwyrm Bookwyrm says:

    This novella is a great peek into the psyche of Midnight, letting us understand about the legendary man who lived, worked, and fought with and against metahumans Midnight is still searching for the device he used against Jones during the Battle, but lost in the mayhem Midnight Strikes is action packed and does a lot of character building and fills in background mythology to the world of metahumans.Midnight comes up against an organization that promises metahumans that they will regain their powers, that their bands still work It s a cult that pulls in the friend of Midnight s new acquaintance, Amanda, also a former metahuman, who ll do anything to get her back What s happening to the missing metahumans Can Midnight divine the Receptive s true motives, free Amanda s friend, and locate the mysterious device that he lost Fun, fast, and unique Worth the read.

  2. Patrick Patrick says:

    Everybody likes Midnight, so a novella about him should be agreeable to any fans of the Metahuman series It was for me.

  3. The Book Miner The Book Miner says:

    Doesn t really advance the storyline and is all back story.If there are other books in this series this book should have been incorporated into their narrative.

  4. Henry Lew Henry Lew says:

    loved it, fun read

  5. Donald Campbell Donald Campbell says:

    Reynold s Batman It is an interesting journey I m on it to the end.