Would You Like To Start An Online Business That Makes Money Without Manufacturing Products Or Holding Inventory If So, Pay Attention This Is A Two In One Audiobook Bundle Consisting Of Dropshipping Business And Money, Book Facebook Advertising Business And Money, Book In Part I Of This Audiobook, Dropshipping, You Ll Discover How To Start Your Own Dropshipping Business How The Supply Chain And Fulfillment Process Works Potential Sales Channel For Your Dropshipping Business How To Do Niche Research And Select Winning Products How To Find Reliable Suppliers And Manufacturers How To Manage Multiple Suppliers How To Deal With Security And Fraud Issues And Much, Much In Part II Of This Audiobook, Facebook Advertising, You Ll Discover What The Facebook Advertising Platform Has To Offer And Why You Need To Get On Board Today How To Open A Secure Business Page Using Two Layer Permission Model How To Create A Highly Effective Customer Avatar That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates While Keeping Ad Costs Extremely Low How To Set Up A Highly Converting Sales Funnel A Case Study That Shows You How You Can Make , Each Month With Facebook Advertising And Much, Much If You Re Ready To Take Charge Of Your Financial Future, Grab Your Copy Of This Audiobook Now PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

7 thoughts on “Dropshipping and Facebook Advertising: Discover How to Make Money Online and Create Passive Income Streams with Dropshipping and Social Media Marketing

  1. Angel a Woods Angel a Woods says:

    I don t usually write many product reviews but this book truly deserves it I found Michael s book to be extremely beneficial to my thinking as a dropshipping business owner All throughout the book, I had many ah ha moments of strategies that I could implement into my business based off of his ideas The book is structured well and definitely digs deep This is the type of book that you will want to read twice I am reading the book for a 2nd time now and implementing strategies as I go now.It s definitely something i plan to use as a guide this year as I grown my e commerce business Never knew Michael before, but he definitely has gained a fan.

  2. Louise Morton Louise Morton says:

    The book is well organized and easy to read It provides everything you need to know about Dropshipping and Facebook marketing strategies.This book was an eye opener for me I closed my online store due to lack of sales and didn t understand what I was doing wrong I had active advertising campaigns on Facebook and Pinterest I was getting traffic to my store but I was not getting enough sales to sustain the business Soon after reading this book, I understood what I was doing wrong My online experience would have been completely different if I had read this book earlier.I have learned a valuable lesson and now I have a better understanding of what it takes to create a successful online business thanks to this book This book will provide you what you need to know from the inside out with specific marketing strategies and tools to keep your business profitable It covers a lot of material and it could be overwhelming but if you are determined to own a successful online business you can implement these strategies one at a time as building blocks Don t get scared by the amount of information and instead develop a plan and start immediately.

  3. Scott Thorley Scott Thorley says:

    It is clear, concise and very actionable I was feeling a little bit lost before, regarding about dropshipping businesses and Facebook Advertising as part of an entrepreneurs marketing strategy, and this book has been my main guide and has shown me which way to take my business now Thanks Michael

  4. I D Dempsey I D Dempsey says:

    Great book, I ve taken quite a few courses on how to run a drop shipping e commerce business and this book has the most complete view of every aspect of running a successful Ecommerce store

  5. Kate Davis Kate Davis says:

    I knew nothing about dropshipping prior to reading this book Its a simple, step by step guide to dropshipping than that, it presents a balanced argument as to why you should do it and why you shouldn t Most of the potential pitfalls are highlighted in such a way that you start your own business knowing fully well what to expect and dare I say, anticipating potential problems Highly recommended for beginners looking to start an online e commerce business.

  6. Elena Lewis Elena Lewis says:

    Found this book to be very helpful The dropshipping business model was explained in clear simple terms starting with the benefits in comparison to typical brick and mortar businesses, to the disadvantages It was well balanced I particularly enjoyed the section on funding sources and incorporating a company for people who reside outside of the USA I wasn t sure how to go about getting the EIN number and this book helped me sort that out Well recommended

  7. Nick Bravo Nick Bravo says:

    This book gave a thorough presentation of how niche research should be conducted prior to selecting a product to dropship The strategies suggested lend themselves to building a sustainable dropshipping business around evergreen products The tools you need to conduct the research was also mentioned some of which are free It was also helpful having some criteria to use when identifying suppliers that are somewhat scrupulous.