If You Want To Produce Faster While Increasing The Quality Of Your Products, Then Pay Attention Two Comprehensive Manuscripts In One Audiobook Agile A Guide To Agile Project Management With Scrum, Kanban, And Lean, Including Tips For Sprint Planning And How To Create A Hybrid Waterfall Agile Software Development Methodology Scrum How To Use The Agile Framework Called Scrum To Produce Faster While Increasing Quality This Audiobook Will Give You An Overview Of Agile Methodologies And How You Can Use Them To Speed Up Development And Drive Customer Satisfaction In Part One Of This Audiobook, You Will Get An Overview Of The Principles Of Agile So You Don T Have To Read The Agile Manifesto To Understand The Methodologies Learn About The Lean Movement As It Pertains To Software And How To Shave Unnecessary Costs From Your Software Development Projects Discover How To Implement Agile When Your Company Is Stuck Using Old Methods And Much, Much Part Two Of This Audiobook Include A Succinct Review Of Agile Project Management To Set The Foundation Of Your Scrum Knowledge The History And Values Of Scrum Methodology A Description Of Each Scrum Team Member Role And How To Choose The Best People For The Job A Comprehensive Discussion On The Daily Scrum, Including Tips On The Best Use Of The Time In The Stand Up Two Case Studies Presented Along With The Lessons Learned From The Practical Application Of Scrum In Different Industries Additional Tips And Tricks On How To Become The Best Scrum Company Around And Much, Much Get This Audiobook Now To Learn About Agile And Scrum

2 thoughts on “Agile: An Essential Guide to Agile Project Management, the Kanban Process and Lean Thinking + a Comprehensive Guide to Scrum

  1. knurl knurl says:

    Just awful The author struggles to articulate the benefits of any approach covered here The techniques are clumsily described, with long passages of fictional narrative that are ostensibly there to help understand but just serve to repeat verbatim what has already been said The description of Kanban is just flat out wrong in many places it needs a total rewrite There are lots of missing words, grammatical mistakes, or general abuses of the English language working progress instead of work in progress Clearly the book didn t have an editor, or the editor didn t bother to read it.

  2. GH GH says:

    Well wirtten and easy to understand Great if you are new to Agile Helped me get my CSM.