Why We Can T Get Enough Of Superhero Movies Recent Years Show A Sea Change In Hollywood The Biggest Movies Come From The Pages Of Comic Books These Box Office Successes Are Driven By Fans Who Love Seeing Their Favorite Heroes And Villains From Comics Brought To Life On The Big Screen, From Thor To Superman To Batman And Captain America, Wonder Woman, And Baddies Like Loki, The Joker, And Lex Luthor Only Add To The Fun Welcome To The Golden Age Of Comic Book Movies, And Comicstorians Benny Potter, Dan Rumbles, And Jason Keen Are Here To Help You Understand Why We These Larger Than Life Characters Have Captured The Imagination Of The World When It Comes To Superheroes Of The Silver Screen, Nobody Knows Than The Masterminds Behind The Wildly Popular Comicstorian YouTube Channel This Definitive Guide To Comic Book Films Divulges Behind The Scenes Secrets And The Hidden History Behind These Must See Movies Including How, After Very Rocky Beginnings, They Shot To The Top With DC And Marvel As Two Of The Most Important Franchises In The Industry If You Love The Hulk, The Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Iron Man, And Are Still Laughing About Deadpool, Look No Further With The Rise Of Comic Book Movies, You Ll Feel Like You Are On The Film Set, Walking The Halls Of Valhalla, And In Your Very Own Fortress Of Solitude With Your Favorite Reads

8 thoughts on “The Rise of Comic Book Movies: From the Pages to the Big Screen

  1. Daniel Daniel says:

    This is a great book to read and as always Benny has managed to create an easy to follow and read recap of the comic movies like he does on his youtube channel for comics.There are a few small mistypes throughout the book however if you are a fan of the movies, the characters, comics or even comicstorian then you will barely notice them.

  2. Thanbir Thanbir says:

    love the book

  3. tactical-player.co.uk Customer tactical-player.co.uk Customer says:

    Nicccccccvccccc c C c ccccccce MABYE I don t know

  4. LH LH says:

    The topic is really interesting, but the book does not include a lot on the MCU Marvel Comic Book Universe There are many areas where the author could have expounded, and some characters in both DC and Marvel are completely left out There are also a lot of typos throughout the book, and if no one ever edited it I would love to see a revised edition with better editing that encompasses all of the comic book to big screen movies

  5. K. Sophia K. Sophia says:

    I enjoyed this book, and it had some interesting facts I didn t know However, it really needed a better editor Misspelled words were rampant, and the grammar was atrocious It also felt clunky in the way it flowed I felt like I was reading a ninth grader s English paper at times It just didn t come together in a cohesive fashion.

  6. S. runnels S. runnels says:

    A series of reviews and critiques of comic book movies and how the pioneering movies affected future films.This book provides insight into factors that influenced the stories and directions of the hated and loved DC and Marvel in no particular order franchises It was a fun read and I recommend for the shelves of any comic book movie fan.

  7. James Turner James Turner says:

    First off, I would like to congratulate Benny and the Comicstorian team on their first foray into becoming authors And while I may give a few reasons why I feel this book fell short, I wish them nothing but success in their next endeavor Comicstorian on YouTube is fantastic I know your books can be too My basic issue with this book was that it did not do anything special It is a casual conversation with three people about comics being transferred on the big screen Which would be fine if there was effort put into their research Interviews Quotes Commentaries I was expecting real facts and information not conversationally vague summaries And there is nothing wrong with that but I can find that same information and opinion on Google I didn t want so much a conversational commentary as I wanted a case study They have really good thoughts opinions but it would have been better with some production notes or something.It isn t a bad book But I can t recommend it because in the end if your a guy who loves comics and movies, you probably already know, and feel, 95% of this book as it is It doesn t say anything that you probably don t know Also, their editor was terrible I found so many grammatical and spelling errors that I felt embarrassed for the guy girl.

  8. Renee Covey Renee Covey says:

    It has a lot of good information for anyone that hasn t kept up or may be new to comics.