Two Audiobooks In One Expand The Scope Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Updated And Innovative Insights And Tactics For Facebook Advertising, As Well As A Fresh Look At SEO And How The Entire Industry Is Changing Dramatically And What You Can Do To Capitalize On The Changes Audiobook One The Age Of Digital Marketing Master The Power Of FacebookLearn How To Leverage The Power Of The Largest Online Audience In The World This Audiobook Will Teach You How To Get Started With Facebook Advertising You Will Learn How To Decide Which Form Of Advertising Will Work Most Effectively For Your Business And Objectives As Well As Strategies For BC Vs BB Advertising The Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook Ads Vs Google AdWords And How You Can Use Both For Maximum Reach How The Platform Works And How It Automates Your Remarketing And Targeting How To Create Effective Facebook Ads By Exploiting The Tools And Tricks That Most People Aren T Aware Of On Facebook This Will Give You A Competitive Edge Keeping Your Advertising Campaigns Lean By Controlling The Budget And Spending Only On The Most Effective Strategies And Campaigns Avoiding The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Facebook Advertising Audiobook Two SEO For Growth In This Audiobook Will Help You Update And Revamp Your SEO Strategy, Taking Into Account Big Changes And Trends In The Erratic World Of Digital Marketing Mobile First Is Here Artificial Intelligence Is Here Content Matters Than Ever This Means Quality, Not Just Quantity Google S Featured Results Have Changed The Game Optimize For That First Understand Questions Being Asked, Then Find Answers To Those Questions And Optimize Them For The Google Snippet You Will Learn About All The Tools You Should Have In Your Tool Belt And The Pros And Cons Of Each Including Mobile Optimization PPC And Paid Advertising Social Media Marketing Content Marketing And Branding To Maximize Search Engine Optimization Influencer Marketing