I met Kevin in 2017.Very nice guy, always full of energy and enthusiam When you buy a book, you dont just buy a book, you give your trust to the author.Kevin is a true inspiration of what could be achieved if only you put your mind to it.Amazing book and full of good content, lots to learn from for beginners and professionals I know what Im talking about after spending well over 20,000 on my property education, sourcing well over 1m worth of property and purchasing over 500,000 of property for myself I am actually quite surprised that Kevin uncovers a lot of golden nuggets which I personally only learned thru expensive mentorships.Thank you Sir This is an excellent book, whether you are just thinking of getting started with your property investment journey or are a seasoned investor, there are sure to be a few little nuggets in here to help you along the way Kevin is genuine, honest and includes examples throughout the book so you can understand how these strategies work A 5 star from me Not buying this book can seriously damage your wealth. Being a newbie until I read the book all my thought process was running around my own perceptions and by the time I finished my reading I left too far apart between perception and reality The reality is, anyone cannot think all dynamics of every NEW CHALLENGE we take in our life and here we left with two options learn everything by your own trial and error which might cost you a lot in terms of time and money Or learn get educated from others experience to form a strong foundation for your venture and at same time helps yourself to set broad mindset This book is unsurpassed opportunity to elaborate so many options available to make strong base for property business I really appreciate Kevin as he has managed to put so many tools and ideas in his book I also liked his idea that when you seek for any deal, prepare with multiple options of A, B ,C, D as many as you can to suit vendors circumstances rather than going with only boolean of two options of Yes No.Once again, big thanks Kevin, I couldn t recommend it high enough. I have to say the best book about new property strategies Very easy to read, lots of content, good stories just need to take action With this book you can make money now Kevin Mcdonnell fantastic coach and great author I highly recommend to everyone. Kevin lays it on the line how to use this method and explains it really well Contrary to certain other feedback you are left in no doubt how this works and how it can be done with none of your own money Read it carefully and take notes or annotate the book You will refer to it regularly If your serious about property investing you need this in your library. Personally I think this book is worth thousands if not The author has done us all a massive service in making this knowledge so widely available for 10, 20, 50 or whatever the market places it s final value at.It is full of real life experience combined with the key mindset attributes to success What I like the most are the pitfalls to avoid often missing from other property investment books.Loads of information with some good laughs sprinkled in as well If you really are serious and committed to making a change then invest in yourself and buy it. I started with the Audible version of this book, but decided to purchase the physical book so I could study the examples of numbers for each strategy On hindsight, I should have purchased BOTH the book and audible together and saved.The material itself it is showing the art of the possible beyond vanilla BTL It has very much made me paused for thought and reconsidered investing in my immediate area something I had dismissed because BTL doesn t work around my way.One of the key messages being, find the strategy that works in your area vs learning a strategy you like and running around trying to find an area to make it work. 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