After reading the first edition just over 12 months ago, I placed my faith in the process and followed Ramit s actionable 6 week plan.Fast forward one year and not only has Ramit s advice made and saved me than I could possibly imagine, he also offered to guide me and a group of select others through the 2nd edition of IWT.Ramit looked at my exact numbers, said everything was looking good, and then showed me how and where they could be improved Specifically Ramit suggested I increased the amount I invest in index funds and letting them compound, as that was the most beneficial piece of advice for my particular scenario under 25 and able to use time to my advantage This one simple change is set to make me an extra 162,000 by adding an extra 50 a month into what I currently invest and that is only going to continue to increase.Further, Ramit showed the group how financial issues are caused through psychology and emotion rather than being to do with simple mathematics The power of not waiting for permission and understanding how and why we make our financial decisions or do not make them was revolutionary and something that I have not seen discussed in other financial books In Ramit s words This is a psychology book wrapped to look about finance and he is correct If you know that you have let certain financial decisions get away from you, Ramit will help you get back on track with specific steps and zero judgement.Every single person who was in the group was ecstatic with the progress they made in the 4 weeks that we had together and it was very much worth staying up until 3am every Monday in return for a lifetime of financial literacy.Thank you Ramit, anyone would be a fool to not buy this book. Most simplified book on personal finance especially investing Perfect first book on personal finance and once you have read it, you can read details in Smarter Investing by Tim Hale for UK readers. 10% interesting recap of information you than likely have read elsewhere 90% later on I will teach you the secrets but first guff.Just another self help entry into the pyramid scheme of you too can get rich from an author who has only got rich from teaching you how to get rich.P.S those on six figures will be pleased to know they can sign up for Ramit s advanced course Just make sure you ve signed the blank cheque first. I have been searching online for how to manage my personal finances properly without ever really feeling that I had found the correct thing to do I heard Sethi on the Art Of Manliness podcast and immediately bought the book, realising it was exactly what have been looking for Six chapters end with a step by step guide on what how to manage your finances It s very US centric but the principles apply to the UK, I have now set up my automatic payments into my Stock ISA and paid off my debt Highly recommended read A Unique Voice On Money, One Singularly Attuned Tohis Generation San Francisco Chronicle Buy As Many Lattes As You Want Spend Extravagantly On The Things You Love Live Your Rich Life Instead Of Tracking Every Last Expense With Ramit Sethi S Simple, Powerful, And Effective Six Week Program For Gaining Control Over Your Finances This Isn T Typical Advice From A Money Expert In This Completely Updated Second Edition, Ramit Teaches You How To Choose Long Term Investments And The Right Bank Accounts With His Characteristic No BS Perspective, He Shows How To Squeeze Every Hidden Benefit Out Of Your Credit Cards Crush Debt And Student Loans Learn The Exact Words To Negotiate A Raise Set Up An Automatic Payment System And Get On With Your Life Plus, New Material On Overcoming Psychological Barriers, Love And Money, New Investments Options, And Real Audience Stories Of How Applying Ramit S Principles Led To A Rich Life Don T Let The Breezy, Irreverent Style Of This Book Fool You It Contains Serious Advice On Personal Finance Decisions, From Budgeting And Savings To Spending And Investing Burton G Malkiel, Author Of A Random Walk Down Wall Street PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio You don t have to read this cover to cover to get value, but it s well written also Ignore the gimmicky title and give it a go After buying the book, I find myself rolling my eyes or bored waiting for a chapter to end simply because most of the advice products are not relevant as I don t live in America I really like the author but this should be called out and or would love to see a version of the book discussing European products advice to the novice like myself. Book had already than paid for itself thanks to the advice on credit cards Great listen