Do You Know All Spells Think You Have What It Takes To Answer All Trivia Questions Want To Learn Unbelievable Harry Potter Facts This Book Is Filled With All The Spells, Hexes, And Curses From The Books, Movies, And Video Games There S Facts From The Whole Harry Potter Series That You Ll Seriously Love You Can Test Your HP Knowledge By Answering The Trivia Questions To See If You Pass With Outstanding Grades You Ll Learn Things Such As How To Pronounce A Spell And Its Ancient Roots Who Invented The Spell Why Muggles Can T Cook Potions What Happened To Characters Such As Winky, Cho Chang, Viktor Krum, And Neville How Many Fouls In A Quidditch Game What Dumbledore S Scar Is Above His Left Knee How Many Sickles In A Galleon And Much Much So If You Want To Feel A Bit Of Nostalgia From Your Favorite Magical World Or Just Need That Perfect Gift To Give To A Harry Potter Addict Scroll Up And Click Add To Cart Now

6 thoughts on “636 Harry Potter Spells, Facts and Trivia - The Ultimate Wizard Training Guide for Magic (Unofficial Guide)

  1. Ian O'Sullivan Ian O'Sullivan says:

    Written by Cionnadh 8yrs Don t get thisbook Really bad english Waste of money Please, I am warning you, I actually care about it Just be careful that you don t click the button to get the book I don t want you to waste your money on this silly thing.

  2. C. Walton C. Walton says:

    I saw this online and showed it to my mom and asked her to borrow the book Then I saw that it wasn t that expensive and my mom must ve noticed that, too because she told me that she would buy it if I gave her the 2.99 that it cost I made the deal and she bought it I started reading right away I couldn t stop reading I loved how the book said that J.K actually regretted putting Ron and Hermione together an that she would have liked Harry with Hermione I learned alot of new spells that I didn t know like this one that would give deer antlers Thos trivia questions were awesome and I would spend so much time highlighting all the correct answers so I could quiz my witch friends from Hufflpuff, Slythryn, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw There are ten levels of pure trivia It was such a good book.

  3. Sed Sed says:

    Gave me hours of enjoyment and learnt some things I didn t know about the series

  4. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    This was a great purchase for my eight year old daughter She picks it up for a quick read every now and then to get a dose of some harry potter facts or trivia questions

  5. Adams Smith Adams Smith says:

    Extensive list of all the spells and what they do which was great for a nerd like me.

  6. Penny Pincher Penny Pincher says:

    My ten year old read it cover to cover in no time.