Even Death Has A Price To Pay Nivian Has Lost The Will To Reap, But With The Clock Ticking Down On The Survival Of All Realms, She Is Tasked With Becoming The New Fate Keeper When Something Goes Wrong During The Transfer Of Powers Ceremony, Nivian Seeks Out The Moirai For The Answers She So Desperately Needs But Everything Comes With A Price Nivian Will Descend Into The Belly Of The Underworld To Retrieve The Man She Loves But If She Fails, She Ll Be Doomed To Live A Half Life And Her Soul Will Belong To Hades He Died For Her Now She Will Tear The Underworld Apart For A Chance To Save Him Wow This is a great series and this latest book just adds to it Well written i just could not put this down, it is filled with Lots of action and drama this storyline just grabs you and draws you in emotionally and literally and you feel as if you are taking the journey along side them I cannot wait to read This is the 3rd book in the Hunted series, so you definitely want to go read the first 2 before this one This is a continuation of the story and I wouldn t recommend reading them out of order.I listened to the audio and the narrator did a great job She really does a good job of expressing the emotions for the characters I d recommend listening This series is wonderfully unique and I love the premise Love Nivi and all her reaper goodness In this book, Nivi is having a really hard time dealing with her grief over Kane She s barely coping Nivi will do everything within her power to bring Kane back, but she is going to have a very tough road ahead of her Kane too This read is a bit of a depressing one and deals with all of the struggles these 2 need to go through to survive I do think there may have been a bit too much wallowing going on and the story does have a bit of slow start to it, but I could feel the emotion Nivi and Kane feel for each other They have such a sweet connection they love each other deeply Loved the setting of the Underworld what an adventure I wasn t loving what s going on with Caspian and that man needs to stop make statements without having much to back it up with Overall, I really enjoyed The Moirai I m excited to read the next one Ali Winters has created a memorable series that captures your heart and runs away with it Alll the feels This was the most emotionally plotted book that Ms Winters has ever written The emotional depth reached was phenomenal Nivi is one of my favorite characters ever penned I have loved her since The Reapers and following her journey has been both exciting and agonizing She has absolutely rooted her way into my heart This book was ah mazing The adventure it took the reader on was both beautiful and frustrating I cried and I cried my way through this This picked up right where The Exodus concluded I adore all of the characters and I loved that all my faves were involved in this edition This gave me an ending that while it wasn t my dream happily ever after, this did touch me very deeply I love reading any book by Ms Winters, but this series has made me laugh, cry and fall in love There is such a pure and honest approach to her writing that leaves you raw and exposed Yet she s able to make you feel the joy and happiness that she expertly weaves into her worlds I easily lose myself into her words and I never want to reach the end I m so excited that we have one book before we have to say goodbye This is a series that you ll want to read over and over again