Fans Of George R R Martin S A Song Of Ice And Fire Series And The Game Of Thrones TV Series Will Love Greek Mythology Explained, A Unique Retelling Of Greek Mythological Tales Featuring Love, Betrayal, Murder, And Ruthless Ambitions A Fascinating Take On Classical Greek Stories Discover Six Classic Greek Myths In This Exciting Retelling That Paints Both Famous And Lesser Known Characters In A Whole New Light Follow The Likes Of Odysseus, Lamia, Bellerophon, Icarus, Medusa, And Artemis As Their Fates Are Revealed Through Bloody Trials, Gut Wrenching Betrayals, Sinister Motives, And Broken Hearts With An Accessible Writing Style That Delves Into The Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, And Motivations Of Every Character, These Mythical Figures And Their Compelling Stories Will Resonate With Listeners As They Are Guided Through Perilous And Tragic Adventures A Deeper Understanding Greek Mythology Explained Provides An In Depth Analysis Of Each Story Told As It Unravels The Greater Themes And Valuable Lessons Hidden Within Each Chapter Listeners Will Gain A Deeper Insight Into The Character S Motives And The Varying Depictions Of The Original Greek Myths

5 thoughts on “Greek Mythology Explained: A Deeper Look at Classical Greek Lore and Myth

  1. Grumpy Shaman Grumpy Shaman says:

    As an avid fan of mythology and storytelling, I found this book to be an astonishing example of how myths can be brought to life by the right author I very much enjoyed reading through the six myths included in this book, and look forward to seeing like it in the future The cover image of Bellerophon and the Chimera is extremely well done and the hardcover book itself has a good weight to it.

  2. Adrian p. Adrian p. says:

    I have watched the Mythology Youtube channel for awhile now and was interested in what this book entailed I am currently half way through and am really enjoying it Well written and a fantastic read.

  3. David Murray David Murray says:

    Wow I have to say when I heard about this book I was unsure but upon ordering and receiving it I m overjoyed I was a fan of the writers YouTube channels for a long time and now after reading this book I m even so A must have for a fan of Greek Myth with amazing illustrations Well worth the price Hope there s a sequel

  4. Niall Niall says:

    I learned of this book from the youtube channel of the same name Very happy with my purchase, enjoying the book Would very much recommend this for lovers of mythology.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Some great, lesser known myths, told in detail Loved the writing.