If you are looking to get a high level overview of many popular algorithms used in machine learning, this is a quick read It doesn t go very deep at all though.. Great book on Python and Machine Learning Having contributed to learn and writing the great extend library he speaks with authority on the topics covered I really learned a lot In general, it uses a lot of text just for not explain how these algoritms work or not , and the examples do not explain why or how things work or not. It s unfair to critique this book because this book is the most comprehensive python programming book for a beginner If you are beginner, you need to go through every page to build your solid foundation for python programming No shortcut If you tend to choose a thinner python book, you will be likely to miss many minor parts and then you go to your project, you are easily to get stuck. The World Of Machine Learning Is Changing All The Time The Idea That We Are Able To Take A Computer And Let It Learn As It Goes Is So Amazing Without Having To Write Out All Of The Codes That We Need For Every Situation Out There, Or Every Input That The User May Pick, We Are Able To Write Out Codes In Machine Learning, Even With Python, In Order To Let The Computer Or Device Learn And Make Decisions On Its Own This Audiobook Is Going To Take A Closer Look At How Python Machine Learning Is Able To Work, As Well As How You Can Use Some Of The Tools And Techniques That Come With This Process For Your Own Needs If You Are Interested In Knowing About What Machine Learning Is All About, As Well As How You Can Use A Part Of The Coding From Python Inside Of This Process, Then This Guidebook Is The Tool For You Some Of The Topics That We Will Explore In This Audiobook Include Understanding Some Of The Basics Of Machine Learning Different Parts That You Need To Know To Get Started With Machine Learning And The Python Language What Is Python And Some Of The Basic Parts Of Writing Codes In This Language How To Set Up The Right Environment In Python And Get The Libraries Set Up Understanding The Scikit Learn Library, And Why It Is So Important To Work With This Type Of Library How To Work With The K Nearest Neighbors KNN Algorithm What Are Support Vector Machines, Random Forest Algorithm, And Recurrent Neural Networks What Are Linear Classifiers How K Means Clustering Is Going To Be Different From KNN Other Great Things That You Are Able To Do With Python Machine Learning The Field Of Machine Learning Is Growing Exponentially And With The Help Of Python And All Of The Cool Tools And Libraries That Comes With It, You Will Find That There Are Endless Possibilities Of What You Will Be Able To Do With It When You Are Ready To Learn About Python Machine Learning And When You Want To Be Able To Work Toward Your Own Projects And Applications With This Cool Topic, Make Sure To Check Out This Audiobook To Help You Get Started Scroll To The Top Of The Page And Select The Buy Now Button