Words cannot express how much this series has meant to me The author really knows how to build a world, and create characters that become family to you I will definitely recommend this series to others because it is unique and amazing. The Series Finale Death Is Only The Beginning Nivian S Job Is Simple Protect The Balance Of Life And Death Above Anything Else, Even At The Risk Of Her Own Life So When The Sudden And Lingering Presence Of A Dark Guardian Makes Her Question If Death Is Coming For Her, Nivian Is Determined To Be The Hunter, Not The Hunted Tension Breaks Out Between The Watchers And The Reapers As The Balance Shifts, Threatening All Of Existence, And A Struggle For Power Leads To Unimaginable Consequences An Unknown Force Is Threatening The Balance And Putting All Of Existence At Risk And Nivian Is Caught In The Middle Of A Fight Between The Watchers And Dark Guardians That Will Endanger Everything They Ve All Been Working To Protect Betrayal Will Take Everything When Nivian Is Forced To Make A Choice That Will Forever Change Their Destinies Silas and Yeva were the first created to be keepers of the balance Each has powers and followers that aid them in keeping this above all else They are equals and magical fell in love Yeva created a guardian named Nivien who was different from all others Her power was very strong, even though she was unaware.This book is part of the series that tells of Silas and how and why he captured Yeva It s a good story full of twists and turns Very well wtitten.Read on my friends The narration was great Her voice fit the story well Nice tone and emotion.I like the world this story is set in, and I ve really enjoyed all the previous books Love Nivian The thing is, I m not a huge fans of prequels I find them sad because I know how much of a struggle these characters have to go through Reading about the past and what happened to Nivian just depresses me all that lost time because of someone else s stupid actions There s lots of Silas and Yeva in this book, which they aren t my favorite, so not my favorite read The writing is great and the whole idea for this series is unique I just don t like prequels, so that s why I went 3 stars for the story Just my personal likes The story is still interesting and any fan of this series should give this story a chance This series as a whole is wonderful and I really enjoyed it. I was sucked in since book 1, The Reapers, and each book just gets better and better Ali Winters has a way with words and an amazing ability to build the Reapers world Her characters and The Hunted series storyline will be very missed, but I can t wait to reread them all again