Fixed A Missing Chapter, Please Re Download If Purchased Before Thanks A Dark, Scorched Surface A Black Mist That Destroys On Contact A Serum That Keeps You Young The Reality As Explained In The Global Divide A Sci Fi Series That Will Have You In Suspense While You Immerse Yourself Into A World Unrecognized By Our Current Standards A World Deep In The Future Where The Apocalypse Has Taken Place And Society Has Destroyed Itself Leaving A Small Group Of Survivors In Its Wake In This New Aftermath, Survivors Must Adhere To Their New Subjectors The Elites That Are Now In Control Demand Loyalty Without Compensation Their Goal Is To Rebuild The Earth To Its Former Glory While Eliminating Any Of The Human Attributes That Caused Its Demise In All Previous Wars Anyone In Opposition Is Subject To Death And Immediately Killed A Group Of Highly Skilled Mercenaries Disagree With The New Oppressors And Fight For The Right To Rebuild The Earth With The Use Of Advanced Technology One That Doesn T Involve The Destruction Of The Human Race In This New Battle, A Teenager Whom Is Forcefully Recruited By The Military Wing Of The Global World Order, Finds Himself At Odds With His New Way Of Life And Decides To Follow His Conscious An Option That Will Indirectly Tie Him To The Fate Of The Planet

3 thoughts on “Global Divide: Ryu Rising

  1. Emerson Rose Craig Emerson Rose Craig says:

    Global Divide Ryu Rising by Peter Rodriguez is an action packed science fiction story After the collapse of earth society, what is left of the human race is trying to rebuild The problem is that no one can agree on how to do that On one side you have the elite who are insisting on restoring the earth to its former glory while destroying the human traits that led to its destruction, killing anyone who disagrees On the other is a group of mercenaries that refuse to be pushed down who believe that advanced technology can be used to save the earth One teenage boy finds himself in the middle of this fight.The politics of this book were an intriguing and exciting element to the series The military extremism on both sides is captivating and thrilling I liked that Rodriguez created two sides that both have elements of wanting to do the right thing and taking things too far It makes for a much interesting and human story when the battle is not good against evil but rather a desperation to save humanity In this regard, I think that Global Divide was incredibly successful at what I often look for most in science fiction That is the fictionalization of real world problems put forth in a light that allows a new perspective to explore them from I found the book fascinating and thought provoking The main character also provided the middle ground of someone just trying to follow their own conscience This was an important part of the story for its balances the extremism on both sides and creates a character that is easy to follow and sympathize with.I found this book to be a thrilling and enjoyable read If you are a fan of science fiction, political fiction, post apocalyptic fiction, or military fiction, then I would definitely recommend giving this book a read.

  2. Joshua J Piedra Joshua J Piedra says:

    Global Divide Ryu Rising takes a classic corrupt military tale and adds a sci fi twist but not in a way where things are unbelievable Everything seems plausible and even though the back half of the book has some Deux Ex Machina plot devices, they are backed up with an explanation of how that technology came to be as well as how that technology had an effect on the history of the world up until that point It wasn t just stated out of nowhere like a cheap anime plotline that made you facepalm because there was no other believable option Everything was well thought out and came off in a way where it was a little over the top but within an expected range because this is science fiction, after all, and that sort of thing is to be expected.I really enjoyed the premise of the story and how it shifted through many different emotional moments from beginning to end A lot of that has to deal with the great plot line as well as the diversity and well crafted characters.Sci fi series are pretty hit or miss these days as it s hard to find one that really hits it on all cylinders Global Divide Ryu Rising doesn t really hit it on all cylinders but it hits it on about 7 out of 8 Some of the things stopping it was some of the predictability of the story elements where you just knew something was going to happen at certain points and it does While there were a few of them, not every story plot was predicted as some of them did take you by surprise I felt because of this, the series played it safe in some aspects rather than trying to stick its neck out to surprise the reader That s not necessarily a bad thing as it did provide some tense moments that were necessary for story progression and didn t really detract from the overall quality of the story I just wished that we didn t get as many predictable moments.The other criticism is the length of the chapters I do appreciate chapters in bite sized chunks as it does give readers many opportunities to have stopping points to take breathers but I felt the chapters were a little TOO short A few chapters could have been combined as they were extremely similar to their previous chapter Doing so wouldn t have made the chapters feel incredibly long while still allowing them to maintain that short length feeling It could have blocked and sectioned the story arcs a bit better and made the chapters feel complete I just felt the book was unnecessarily divided up too much when it really didn t need to.Outside of that, Peter tells an incredible story and fans of militaristic science fiction tales should definitely add this to their to read list I really enjoyed this one and think you will, too

  3. Yayitskelly Yayitskelly says:

    A post apocalyptic sci fi adventure novel, Global Divide Ryu Rising, follows Ryu, a seventeen year old boy who is studying at a military academy Ryu lives in a colony of humans that makes up most of the survivors of the apocalypse But Ryu does not agree with how the Global World Order is rebuilding society, for they kill anyone who does not conform He must make a discussion to follow his duty in their military are to risk everything to stick to his own conscious.Rodriguez has done a good job of creating a plot that is exciting, and a character that has a great balance of likable and flawed While some elements of the story felt like familiar clich s of the sci fi and apocalypse stories, I was still engaged beginning to end The complexity of the politics of the story was a big reason for this I really appreciated that both sides had compelling debates rather than the good guys vs the bad guys This gave the story a unique and intriguing flair The question at the beginning of the book which side do you choose actually feels like something to think about Both sides are flawed, and extremists, but both have the same ultimate goal of rebuilding humanity As a sci fi novel it is thrilling, looks at some really fascinating ideas about advanced technology, and creates an interesting, albeit slightly horrifying, version of where the future may lead As a book published in the year 2018, this idea of what elements of humanity are going to lead us to destruction is an interesting and poignant one, and I liked the ways in which this book addressed it I would give this book four stars and would recommend it to those that enjoy reading science fiction stories It was well worth the read.