Doctor Stephen Strange, The Sorcerer Supreme, Has Defeated Demonic Hordes, Battled Evil Wizards, And Tirelessly Defended Our Realm Against Invading Interdimensional Armies But When A Dangerous Dream Begins Inspiring Normal People To Act Out Their Darkest Ambitions, Even Doctor Strange Is Pushed To His Very Limits Working Alongside His Longtime Nemesis, Nightmare, The Sorcerer Supreme Must Delve Into The Nightmares, Delusions, And Desires Of An Entire Planet To Save The Dream Realms, He Ll Have To Give Up Some Illusions Of His Own Including His Heroism In The Fallout, What Dreams Will Haunt The Sorcerer Supreme GraphicAudio Production Excellent book, a must read. It get s kind of slow at the end but overall a great read One of my favorites Dr Strange is awesome. Fun read Great story, looking forward to re reading it again soon. I m enjoying this immensely I didn t have very high expectations at first because I simply didn t know what to expect from a comic based novel, but I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of this book Not only is the writing style very enjoyable, but the author clearly did her research and is quite knowledgeable in the character Nothing is perfect of course, but it s for the most part excellent I m not yet done reading it, so I ll update my review if the ending jumps the shark, but so far it s been a great experience, and I strongly recommend it.