Really fantastic to see Marvel offering up progressive characters, particularly in light of the troubles in the world However, this should certainly not be overshadowing what is a great new origin story Personally, I wasn t a great fan of the artwork but it was still fantastic to see something alternative to a lot of the contemporary generic stuff out there at the moment. Kamala Khan Is An Ordinary Girl From Jersey City Until She S Suddenly Empowered With Extraordinary Gifts But Who Truly Is The New Ms Marvel Teenager Muslim Inhuman Find Out As She Takes The Marvel Universe By Storm When Kamala Discovers The Dangers Of Her Newfound Powers, She Also Unlocks A Secret Behind Them Is Kamala Ready To Wield These Immense Gifts Or Will The Weight Of The Legacy Before Her Prove Too Much To Bear Kamala Has No Idea But She S Comin For You, Jersey It S History In The Making GraphicAudio Production Bought this for my daughter who had just turned seven After being a long time marvel fan and not much for girls we finally came across this book In her own words, it is amazing as it tells you how she becomes ms marvel after wanting to be captain marvel She has read this numerous times and it still takes pride of place on her bookshelf Good buy for any marvel fan especially little girls who have outgrown princesses. Loved it I don t really know what to expect, as i am new to the whole graphic novel genre.For anyone this is a great place to start with like or no knowledge of marvel Its flows really well and is very relevant to todays society, i loved every minute of it and can t stop re reading it. I love the fact that it s relatable, maybe not superpowers exactly, but Khamala is an ordinary girl trying to figure everything out on her own without worrying her family or completely turning her back on her culture She could easily grow to a Buffy like level of inspiration for today s girls. It s an origin story with way lighter tones about an unconventional for a change female non white superhero.I expected something different, but this will be liked bu the same people who love spiderman and runaways. I have never read a comic in my life but have always been interested in superheroes, a recommendation from a friend set me towards ms marvel and I have to say I m hooked Kamala is an engaging character who s own love for superheroes seen through her fanfic is a relatable aspect to her which I particularly enjoyed There is the occasional point of strange wording but mostly it runs true to how young adults and teens actually speak from my own experience.The art is bright and interesting if sometimes a little too sketchy in style for my own personal tastes This is a really great volume Kamala Khan is a super nerd who gets to become the hero she always geeked out over This is a fresh take on the humble origins story of any hero, mixing it in with the experience of a second generation kid struggling to find her place in a very white america The standard superhero bits are great and Kamala is such a charming character, I also love the family scenes in it, they are heart warming and at times hilarious and give an interesting window into the life of an immigrant family in the states BUY THIS COMIC