He Was A Hero To Millions, An Inspiration To America S Armed Services, And The Representative Of His Nation S Greatest Ideals He Lived For His Country And Now, He Has Given His Last Final Measure For The Nation He Loved In The Aftermath Of The Superhuman Civil War, Captain America Was Shot Down In Cold Blood In The Aftermath Of His Death, Cap S Longtime Partner The Falcon Makes Revenge His First Order Of Business Sharon Carter Finds Herself Spiraling Out Of Control, A Captive Of The Red Skull S Minions And Bucky Barnes, Aka The Winter Soldier, Must Reconcile His Own Sordid Past With The Calling To Becomethe New Captain America This GraphicAudio Production Is Adapted From The Graphic Novel By Ed Brubake And Steve Epting

6 thoughts on “The Death of Captain America

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    Great debut novel from Larry Hama I ve become interested in adult adaptations of comic stories I read that marvel was producing thier own prose novels and that mr.hama was tackling death of cap Sign me up To my understanding, this is his first foray into prose writing, you can t tell He writes like a seasoned pro He took the base elements of the Ed Brubaker story and made it his own He shifted through the many storyline almost effortlessly and use different perspective to highlight this.My only issues with this near perfect piece was that a few times Hama drifted into purple prose and it dragged a bit toward the end At the climax of the story you look for things to ratchet up but I felt like it kind of lost my interest.That s nitpick y though Buy this book, the price is right and you won t regret it Well done marvel, we ll done Larry

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    I think this was a great novel overall I ve read the comics and the Graphic Novel,s but I really think this book is worth it for any fan of Captain America The story is in depth and immersive, and I enjoyed how the story develpoed from each characters point of view

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    I m a big fan of captain America This is an excellent prose rendition of a modern retelling of captain America s death It features a good assortment of supervillains Shield vs hydra action is always entertaining A knowledge of captain America books is a must or you will not be able to follow a long.

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    Partly my expectation was the issue I was looking for the aftermath, got way of the lead up than interested me.

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    Awesome storyline i read about 115 pages before I put it down Then I left the book when i was half way through I know I m an idiot Great book though.