As a die hard X Men fan I had to pick up this trade paperback Taking the X Men out of a visual comic form allows to be written It gives writers a great opportunity to flesh out these colorful characters Unfortunately, the anthology format ensured that no plot would survive Each story is averaging 20 pages In order to accomodate such a shortage of paper, the writer has to present a plot, flesh it out, and resolve it on the turn of a dime I was frustrated halfway through the book at the stilted writing and lame ending after ending after ending This book does get two stars One, because it is afterall the X Men, and two it does focus on a variety of heroes If you want X Men fiction that won t leave you unsatisfied, I recommend checking out those novels written by Christopher Golden The Mutant Empire Trilogy is nicely written. This Gripping New Anthology Has Over A Dozen Original Tales Starring The Top Selling Mutant Heroes, The Uncanny X Men, Dealing With Their Greatest Foes, As Well As The Day To Day Trials Of Being Mutants Trying To Protect The World They Ve Sworn To Protect, A World That Hates Them For What They Are From Eluki Bes Shahar S Story Of The X Men S Fight Against A Mutant Who Can Alter Reality To Dave Smeds Look At What Would Have Happened If The X Men Never Were, From Ashley McConnell S Chronicle Of Wolverine S Trek Across The Frozen Tundra To Dean Wesley Smith S Tale Of Gambit In His Hometown Of New Orleans, And Much These Are Spectacular Tales Of Mutant Adventure Looks like has incorrectly combined this with an encylopedia for some reason, as the cover photo, the publisher details, page count are all from the Berkley anthology and have nothing to do with a coffee table type graphic book.An anthology of stories taking a look at a wide selection of the X Men course, and as usual, managing to slip Wolverine in than once For this sort of book, the quality of the stories is actually pretty good, so certainly worth a look for X fans.Ultimate X Men 01 It s a Wonderful Life Eluki Bes ShaharUltimate X Men 02 Gift of the Silver Fox Ashley McConnellUltimate X Men 03 Stillborn in the Mist Dean Wesley SmithUltimate X Men 04 X Presso Ken GrobeUltimate X Men 05 Four Angry Mutants Andy Lane and Rebecca LeveneUltimate X Men 06 On the Air Glenn HaumanUltimate X Men 07 Summer Breeze Jenn Saint John and Tammy Lynne DunnUltimate X Men 08 Life Is But a Dream Stan TimmonsUltimate X Men 09 Order from Chaos Evan SkolnickUltimate X Men 10 Hostages J Steven YorkUltimate X Men 11 Out of Place Dave SmedsA man with Amberesque reality shifting powers goes on the run after an attempt to help someone goes horribly wrong A black ops government team with a new anti psionic weapon is after him, and he just about makes it to Xavier s School For Gifted Youngsters.3.5 out of 5Wolverine, out hunting by himself helps out a pregnant silver fox, and comes across a woman trapping.3.5 out of 5Gambit goes back to his hometown and finds a zombie project.2 out of 5Cannonball, having a bad day, heads into New York City Here he stumlbes across Zelda s beatnik coffee joint after catching a pickpocket, and finds Cyclops.3.5 out of 5Bobby Drake has been called for jury duty in a trial involving a mutant and a human supremacist group, and Logan and Xavier go along to observe, and soon unconver something bad.3.5 out of 5Warren Worthington is interviewed on radio, post wing trauma and corporate recovery.4 out of 5Warren Worthington is interviewed on radio, post wing trauma and corporate recovery.3 out of 5Rogue runs a Danger Room simulation of what might have been.3 out of 5Storm goes to Egypt to help out on old friend, taking Jubilee, and getting involved in fractal magic.3.5 out of 5Logan and Jean, out separately for air, come across a bizarre murderer with a mutant symbiont and split personality.4 out of 5An illness causes Psylocke to unconsciously start altering the memories of her teammates.3.5 out of 53.5 out of 5 Superbly written story Story is very informative I would recommend it to X Men fans The few graphics are so so but really have no import to the story. I would not h ave rated this book a five had it not been for three reasons The first one is that some of the stories, if not all, in the book are quite nice The gift of the silver fox is a short story which captures wolverine in the wild and I felt that this story alone was worth paying the price for the book Wolverine s charector has been captured ever so nicely in the story and that is just one of the few that I liked The second reason why I would recomnd this book is because some of the short stories are related to some other X men novels I mean they do not exactly have anything to do with the novel s plot, but there are refrences to them and if you haven t read this book, you would be left wondering what is going on The best example of this would be the Novel Smoke and mirrors nad the story from this book It s a wonderful life The novel takes place three and half months after the short story and once again if you have not read this book you would be left wondering I could go on giving you such examples, but I think that I have made my point But hold on I did say that there were three reasons did I not The third reason would be collection If you are a x fan or even a Marvel fan or you just like Marvel novels, then you would want to have all of the books published right Take care and have fun reading the book, should you decide to buy it