Cyclops And Emma Frost Re Form The Team With The Express Purpose Of Astonishing The World But When Breaking News Regarding The Mutant Gene Unexpectedly Hits The Airwaves, Will It Derail Their New Plans Before They Even Get Started As Demand For The Mutant Cure Reaches Near Riot Levels, The X Men Go Head To Head With The Enigmatic Ord, With An Unexpected Ally And Some Unexpected Adversaries Tipping The Scales This GraphicAudio Production Is Adapted From The Graphic Novel By Joss Whedon And John Cassaday I think that this prose version is a good way to get the story, but you miss the great art of the comics and you don t get the real depth of a real novel. A workmanlike adaptation of the source material Peter David is a huge talent, but this is pretty much a straight to text translation of the original comic story, nothing to make it stand out. A perfect retelling of the original comic book series, aside from a few minor changes The pov was clear and the flow was consistent throughout I hope adaptations of X Men come to novel format. Being a big fan of the X Men, I loved the story.I ve read many books by Mr David, he has written manyStar Trek books This book reads like a comic book without the pictures,definitely for mature readers with the violence I just can t get my head aroundMs Frost being part of the team and a teacher no less, Scott what the hell she sin your bed also You remember a girl named Jean don t you The Phoenixshould come back and fry you both.