This novel is nearly perfect I m so, so glad marvel has decided to produce thier own prose novels and hire some of the best writers around to do so This piece is no different Although I had never heard of the writer, her prose styling is superb This novel is expertly paced, the dialogue, in most cases, is spot on with the established Characterization set up by the comics She took a great story and made it better.The only Peccadilloes I have are that it was marketed as AVENGERS 1.5 and that it fits into movie continuity It doesn t It s just a great stand alone story that could branch off as its own franchise Also, the dialogue was most on point, besides tony stark and Luke cage Both of which were written in a style I can only describe as ham fisted You could tell she didn t have much fun writing those two But, with a cast this vast, there s bound to be one or to leads you don t favor. Under Secret Orders To Assassinate The Widow, Hawkeye, The Rough Edged Marksman, Finds Himself Caught Up In A Violent Prison Break That Releases Some Of The World S Most Vicious And Powerful Criminals Defying His Superiors, Hawkeye Joins Forces With The Sultry Russian Spy And A Mismatched Group Of Personalities That Include Spider Man, Spider Woman, Luke Cage, Captain America, And Iron Man Unexpected Betrayals And Shocking Revelations Lead The Team From Manhattan S Top Security Raft Prison To The Untamed Jungle Of The Savage Land In This Thrilling Novel This GraphicAudio Production Is Adapted From The Graphic Novel By Brian Michael Bendis I bought this on the strength of Marvel s Civil War prose novel, that I recommended and rated quite highly in my recent review of it on this site However, that decent standard hasn t been replicated in this novelisation of the New Avengers Breakout trade paperback.This could be however, because I haven t read the comic version of this story from a few years back, but I had read Civil War and most of its associated tie ins I did state in my review of that, that it was a good accompaniment to the comic People who haven t read the comic might not agree, and this may be the case here.The story, I m guessing, follows the storyline of the comic of the same name, where a bunch of super villains escape from imprisonment on the Raft, and its up to the Avengers, in the process of reforming with a new roster, to stop the breakout and recover those that made it out.Some of my favourite Avengers are featured, such as Captain America, Iron Man and Spiderwoman There s also Spiderman, Luke cage, Hawkeye and Black Widow, and it s these last two characters that the book concentrates on than others.There may now be some SPOILERS aheadIn this book, Black Widow is initially portrayed as an enemy, or at least someone who the Avengers mistrust They and S.H.I.E.L.D do not know her intentions and at times she comes to blows with the odd member of the Avengers team.This confused me at first, as I thought the Black Widow was already an Avenger, or at least a good agent prior to this.The book then concentrates on the developing relationship between Black Widow and Hawkeye, in as much as they end up sleeping with other whilst on a mission This annoyed me as well Whilst I m no prude, I expect that younger readers many of whom this book is probably aimed at might find certain scenes slightly titillating The scenes aren t sexually explicit at all, but youngsters with a good imagination might find themselves, I don t know perhaps just a bit bothered by it Maybe I m wrong, I was certainly bothered a bit by 1 or 2 of the closer encounters between the 2 characters, and I felt that there s a time and place for this sort of thing, and this book shouldn t be it.You probably think I m in the Mary Whitehouse Brigade but I m not But I am a parent, and I m just commenting on a couple of scenes that I thought may be off putting to a younger reader.Anyway, the plot sees our heroes in the Savage Land, hunting various nefarious villains, many of whom I m not familar with, despite being a long term Marvel comics reader, and I just found it all a bit tedious, and I cared less for several characters throughout the whole book.Perhaps the source material is tedious as well, although the trade paperback version of this story has some decent reviews which suggests its not The author, to her credit, has pretty much nailed the characterisations of a couple of the characters Hawkeye s laissez faire attitude to women, Spiderman s jokey one liners, Luke Cage s seriousness, Maria Hill s dogmatic approach and Steve Rogers sense of duty are all spot on I also found Jessica Drew s character interesting, as in this story, she is without her Spiderwoman powers for the most part.But the villains are forgettable, and the whole Black Widow thing, has put me off I m not sure the author got Tony Stark right either, as there were no wisecracks from him at all he was in serious mode throughout.Perhaps readers who know the comic version of this story will find this favourable, but note to self don t buy any marvel prose novels unless I ve read the source material first Here s the thing I ve been waiting for this book to come out ever since it was announced I am unashamed to admit that this was almost entirely because we were promised semi official or, at least, Marvel approved Clintasha action I m a huge freaking Clintasha fangirl, so I was bound and, admittedly, possibly determined to like this thing.I wasn t disappointed.Little things like the author s misuse of certain phrases aside, the prose is solid, readable, and well paced Kwitney does not have a boring authorial voice, and she handles the rejiggering of Bendis Breakout storyline well In contrast with some bloggers, I was okay with the changes to the storyline characters lineup etc Then again, I was willing to put up with the changes when EMH did their version, too.If you re a purist, NA B isn t the novel for you It s decidedly not the comic book, and frankly, I would be sorely disappointed if I bought this only to read the comic version again If I wanted the comic book version, I would just dig through my long boxes Rightfully so, NA B is a prose novel adaptation of Breakout designed for just the sort of reader I am an intermittent comic book collector who enjoyed the movies and doesn t need Hawkeye running around in purple spandex to appreciate the work but, you know, hey anytime they want to put Jeremy Renner in spandex Please, be my guest Just sayin.Bottom line it s a fun little ride of a book, one that s a hell of a lot better than the X Men ones Marvel used to put out when I was a teen It s good enough that I sat down with my copy the day I received it, and then I wrote this review four hours and a dinner break later Months on, I ve read this again, and I was pleasantly surprised that it bore repeating. Reasons to love this book 1 Non stop action.2 Fleshed out some of Hawkeye s backstory and Widow s as well.3 Friendly neighborhood Spider Man is among the characters.always a plus.4 The sexual tension between Hawkeye and Widow is well written and tight, not sappy The love scenes were quite steamy, but not explicitmight be inappropriate for younger readers.5 The overall plot was a bit unrealistic hey, it is based on comics , but the story was highly entertaining.6 Dialog between characters was sharp and realistic.7 The heroes in the book closely resembled their comic counterparts characterizations.I will read Kwitney again. When I picked this up, I expected changes The author who writes an adaptation of something like this always either adds to the story or in this case, changes the story that detracts from the original Plot lines erased and new ones that doesn t make any sense Read the trade paperback version It s way better than this mess The author should ve done their homework with characters and the overall plot lines that were ment to be continued over a number of issues Do not read this. This was a good book but I didn t like how it ended They left two many questions unanswered Does that each they are going to do a follow up book It was still a good book and a fun read. S simple story well told which at the end of the day is all you want out of a book a good holiday read I loved this so much Great representation of all the characters, fantastic plot so gripping, and of course, some excellent Clintasha Loved it.