Who Is The Inventor, And What Does He Want With The All New Ms Marvel And All Her Friends Maybe Wolverine Can Help Kamala May Be Fangirling Out When Her Favorite Okay Maybe Top Five Super Hero Shows Up, But That Won T Stop Her From Protecting Her Hometown Then, Kamala Crosses Paths With Inhumanity For The First Time By Meeting The Royal Dog, Lockjaw Every Girl Wants A Puppy, But This One May Be Too Much Of A Handful, Even For A Super Hero With Embiggening Powers But Why Is Lockjaw Really With Kamala As Ms Marvel Discovers About Her Past, The Inventor Continues To Threaten Her Future GraphicAudio Production

8 thoughts on “Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

  1. Rosemary Standeven Rosemary Standeven says:

    I found this Ms Marvel volume to be definitely a book of two parts I had really liked everything about volume 1, and was ready for of the same Unfortunately, for me, this volume brought in two new illustrators to join Adrian Alphona, whose work had really impressed me I felt the graphics of much of the first third were really second rate, much cruder, with the faces lacking the expressiveness of volume 1 I also was not too impressed with the Wolverine part of the storyline, and felt it could have been skipped Its only purpose seemed to be a way of introducing Kamala to the other Marvel mutants and providing her with the giant dog Lockjaw The only redeeming feature of this section was the meeting with the imam So, 2 stars for the first section.Luckily, everything improved massively with the arrival of Lockjaw an over sized Scooby Doo thankfully without the cowardice, but with added teleportation powers Adrian Alphona took over the graphics reins, and Wilson got her story telling mojo and sense of humour back The rest of the volume gets 5 stars averaging out to 4 stars over all.Kamala discovers the Inventor s evil plan, utilising all the missing teenagers as a carbon footprint free electric energy source She accuses the Inventor You ve brainwashed a bunch of teenagers into thinking they re worth as cheap electricity than as people But he sees the brilliance of his solution as On the contrary, Ms Marvel They ve been told their lives are cheap since the moment they were born I simply gave them a way to turn themselves into something of valueThe first section was all action, gung ho, kapow superpowers to the rescue But now Kamala has to use her humanity and powers of persuasion to convince the teenagers that their lives matter, that they are part of the future and not the problem This is not saving the world acceding to the Inventor s plan This is admitting the world is over This is saying that our generation will never matter But we have to matter If we don t, then there is no future worth saving Of course, some superpowers and a bit of teleportation do come in handy after all It s not over til the bendy girl swings But the real victory is achieved by everyone working together.Moral of the story Nobody has the right to give up on a whole generation before they have even had a chance to prove itself We re all in this together, and we gotta remember that.

  2. Jess Gofton Jess Gofton says:

    In Volume 2 of Ms Marvel we re met with a young superhero who s growing in both confidence and awesome factor This volume was much action packed than the first, including Kamala s showdown with The Inventor and her chance meeting with one of her top five favourite superheroes, Wolverine Kamala even has a literal out of this world experience when she meets Inhuman royalty.Basically, this volume was a lot of fun.The main criticism I had of the first volume was that, while I adored Kamala, the plot felt a little all over the place Thankfully, I found this volume much succinct There was of a sense that Kamala is slowly but surely becoming comfortable with her new role in life, though I was pleased to see none of her problems had been resolved overnight while this volume focused less on her home life it was still made clear to us that Kamala continues to struggle between balancing the person she wants to be with the person she s expected to be Something all of us face, I think, particularly during our teens.It was teenagers who made this volume in particular really special Kamala gives a brilliant speech about the modern generation, how they re judged and how they re made to feel about themselves and their role in society, and I found it incredibly powerful It was one of my favourite parts of this volume, my other favourite part being Wolverine Naturally.I loved that Wolverine was included in this volume Out of all of Marvel s superheroes, he really is one of the best role models and teachers out there he has a real talent for taking young people particularly young ladies just look at Rogue under his wing and helping them realise their own potential, which is just what Kamala needed Their scenes together were so much fun.I really enjoyed this volume, I love where this series is going, and I can t wait for the next one

  3. Christina Christina says:

    Ms Marvel Vol 1 was the first Marvel comic collection I read and I fell in love I loved the style, the comedy and most of all, Kamala Khan the new Ms Marvel Ms Marvel Vol 2 is equally as amazing and I really enjoyed reading it Wolverine made a special appearance in the latest collected volume and I really enjoyed seeing their friendship develop The artwork was still amazing and with bright colours and carefully drawn characters, the book was a pleasure to read One of my favourite aspects of the series is still the humour I laughed out loud several times and appreciated the sarcastic tone throughout some of the dialogue I would highly recommend starting the Ms Marvel series, particularly if you re new to comics as this new series is a great place to start.

  4. Jade McLellan Jade McLellan says:

    The first volume was good The second volume is better.I loved the first volume and I wasnt disappointed by the second It is amazingly funny and manages to deal with some mature themes that can relate to it s targetted audience It also features Wolverine for some comic fans This series always has me expecting greatness and the second volume is just that great.

  5. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    this was such a fun amazing upbeat comic i love ms marvel so much the cameo of wolverine made my day

  6. Alan Stephen Alan Stephen says:

    I read the first volume I was taken by the heroine a Muslim woman so ordered the second and will order the next this book buy this for yourself but also for the kids in your life wonderful and it s just been rumoured ABC might be making this as a TV series

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Kamala continues to be an interesting lead as ms marvel and with a short appearance by wolverine we get to see how she bounces off other heroes.The art felt cleaner than volume one but still has panels which are doodle sketch like which is much appealing when it isn t as common

  8. C.G.C. C.G.C. says:

    Ms Marvel is an amazing comic She is a great heroine with whom lots of women can relate.