It S The Latest Brilliant Blockbuster From Best Selling Baddiel A Nonstop Thrill Ride Adventure That Will Have Listeners Young And Old Racing To The Finishing Line The Taylor Turbochaser Is A Road Trip Roller Coasterwith A Twist At Its Heart Is The Unforgettable Amy Taylor Amy Loves Cars And Dreams Of Being A Driver But There S A Major Catch Her Slow Old Wheelchair With Its Broken Wheel When Amy Finally Gets A New Electric One, It S Excitingat First But Standard Engines Have Only So Much Power And That S Where Rahul Comes In Amy S Best Friend And Genius Inventor Soon Rahul Turns A Wheelchair Intoa Supercar And So The Taylor Turbochaser Is Born But When It All Goes Suddenly Wrong Amy Is Going To Have To Hit The Road And Drive

8 thoughts on “The Taylor Turbochaser

  1. HY HY says:

    This story is about a girl who loves cars so much but she had a car accident so she had to travel around on her wheelchair for the rest of her life.Her dad got her a new electric wheelchair but she wanted to turn it into a car Her friend, Rahul, who is good at inventing things helped her..she began her journey with the car and facing all the challenges ahead..The story tells you to always believe in yourself and never gives up.

  2. mellowpellow mellowpellow says:

    A hard backed book with black and white sketch type illustrations This is an adventurous, funny and action packed story of Amy who loved cars and desperately wanted to drive and drive fast.She had a wheelchair a really slow wheelchair which after a lot of asking was upgraded to an electric wheelchair which she adapted to Turbo 1 by adding big cat flaps for doors, a floor mop for window wipers, an umbrella for a roof and so on She needed to get to Scotland to see her Dad so one night with her friend she began the journey A lot happened on this journey but eventually she got there Her Dad had a racing track, but something happened to Turbo 1 which meant she eventually had Turbo 2 and Turbo 2 was the business

  3. kinggx kinggx says:

    My little one, aged eight, hugely enjoyed one of the author s previous books Head Kid The Taylor Turbochaser has proved just as popular, and was consumed in just a few sittings It is the action packed and funny story of Amy Taylor who wants to pimp her ride a wheelchair and ends up on an adventure driving to Scotland It is a great story and even better for the inclusion of a disabled protagonist about whom there is nothing tokenistic Amy is a girl looking to follow her dreams and the fact that she uses a wheelchair to get about is not what defines her as a character Bravo

  4. Puff of joy Puff of joy says:

    I couldnt weait to read this and yes i know its a kids book but who says you cant have a bit of light relief from the boring world around you i read this alongside my daughter and we loved it super funny in all the right places and a real feel good book twists and turns and all manner of nonsense make this a wonderful fun book.

  5. MM MM says:

    Great book for junior school aged kids Enjoyed by my 9 year old boy The book tells of Amy Taylor, a young girl who is in a wheelchair due to a car accident but still loves cars, driving and dreams of being a race driver However, she just has her old wheelchair with rickety wheels like a shopping trolley, until her friend super charges s quite a thick book, but easy to read and flows well, without being too challenging Entertaining and gripping enough to keep kids reading

  6. Book Reader Book Reader says:

    This is a review of a hard backed book Printed onto good quality paper with loads of black and white line illustrations which bring the story alive The Taylor Turbocharger is a story of a family that like their cars All different types and shapes With the adventures they get into Written for 8 to 11 year olds I would suggest The line spacing is spot on for that age group The story itself is fun, engaging and gives loads of laughs As an adult I enjoyed it too 5 stars.

  7. Patricia Cairns Patricia Cairns says:

    This book is realy good cos its just a good book, i love every single bit about it i love the plot and the creativity of tge characters.