A Dangerous Terrorist Has Ingested A New Techno Organic Virus, Transforming Him Into A Superhuman Killing Machine Now Immensely Powerful, But Driven Mad By The Virus Effects, The Terrorist Is Seemingly Unstoppable To Halt This Madman S Psychotic Rampage, Iron Man Must Face This Dangerous New Virus Head Onin A Life Or Death Battle That Will Forever Alter Stark S Calculated Balance Between Man And Machine GraphicAudio Production

5 thoughts on “Iron Man: Extremis

  1. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    Well balanced writing and very compelling characters Enough technical jargon to keep reader interested and informed without losing them in info speak.

  2. aCityBoy aCityBoy says:

    A good story and easy read I liked it very much.

  3. Joshua Joshua says:

    This is an awesome prose version of the comic story by the same name If your a fan of Iron man this is for you.

  4. Jerry McMurray Jerry McMurray says:

    Not an excessively long novel, but a good read none the less It had some surprising twists, and did not mirror the Iron Man 3 movie which also had ExtremisK.

  5. savesu.co.uk Customer savesu.co.uk Customer says:

    Great read