For Decades, Proponents Of Artificial Intelligence Have Argued That Computers Will Soon Be Doing Everything That A Human Mind Can Do Admittedly, Computers Now Play Chess At The Grandmaster Level, But Do They Understand The Game As We Do Can A Computer Eventually Do Everything A Human Mind Can Do In This Absorbing And Frequently Contentious Book, Roger Penrose Puts Forward His View That There Are Some Facets Of Human Thinking That Can Never Be Emulated By A Machine The Book S Central Concern Is What Philosophers Call The Mind Body Problem Penrose Examines What Physics And Mathematics Can Tell Us About How The Mind Works, What They Can T, And What We Need To Know To Understand The Physical Processes Of Consciousness He Is Among A Growing Number Of Physicists Who Think Einstein Wasn T Being Stubborn When He Said His Little Finger Told Him That Quantum Mechanics Is Incomplete, And He Concludes That Laws Even Deeper Than Quantum Mechanics Are Essential For The Operation Of A Mind To Support This Contention, Penrose Takes The Listener On A Dazzling Tour That Covers Such Topics As Complex Numbers, Turing Machines, Complexity Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Formal Systems, Godel Undecidability, Phase Spaces, Hilbert Spaces, Black Holes, White Holes, Hawking Radiation, Entropy, Quasicrystals, And The Structure Of The Brain I m giving this book to someone If I was to take one book to a desert island this would be the one The first chapter on Turing machines addresses the main theme of the book but it is a bit boring, which makes the difficult bits even difficult That is not the author s fault as Turing machines are boring to the non expert After that the book takes off and you are on an exciting tour of mathematics and physics There are difficult bits but it is deeply interesting and I m amazed that one man can know all this stuff However, he is very old and has been working at the forefront of the field for decades, so it is not surprising that he has picked up stuff here and there. Not an easy read but the scope of the book plus the easy style of Roger Penrose make it worth while making the effort to finish it Superb