DC Comics took a bold step and renumbered the longest running monthly comic, Action Comics, tofor the first time sinceas part of the DC Comics The NeweventWith this renumbering comes a new creative team featuring comics legend Grant Morrison and fan favorite artist Rag Morales While Morrison is no stranger to writing the Superman character, having won three Eisner Award s for his work on All Star Superman, Action Comics will be something new for both old and new readers and present humanity s first encounters with Superman, before he became one of the World s Greatest Super HeroesSet a few years in the past, it s a bold new take on a classic heroCollecting Action Comics

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  1. Jayson Jayson says:

    B 79% Good Notes An atavistic, vulnerable, hard luck Superman, done very Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived than Man of Tomorrow.

  2. Anne Anne says:

    4.5 starsI ve always liked Superboy than I liked Superman Why Because Conner wasn t such a goody goody He had attitude Also, he wasn t an all powerful god He was still stuck at able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.I have a sneaking feeling I m not the only one who has felt, at one time or another, that Superman was a douche A douche clad in red and blue spandex.I also think I m not the only one who has been chomping at the bit, waiting to see if Morrison was going to fuck up this re bootor not The short answer Or not.I haven t read them all, but Morrison s Superman is so far the best of The New 52.He took the Kansas farm boy and turned him into an angsty badass in a pair of jeans Who openly taunts the police Say what Oh yeah, and he s not all powerful any.He can t fly, and getting run over by a train can knock him out.In the words of the immortal Tony the Tiger It s Grrreat Highly recommended

  3. Jeff Jeff says:

    A few years back, my son and I were watching the DC Animated Justice League series My son would ask me to explain certain facets of the character s background Considering DC s convoluted continuity, it was less awkward explaining sex, than it was Hawkman s origin story With the DC s New 52 re launch, perhaps one of their goals is to somehow begin fresh for the new reader I don t know This is my first experience reading the New 52.I m impressed Grant Morrison has great Superman ideas than anyone I ve been reading a lot of Superman lately I ve recently finished Morrison s brilliant All Star Superman In All Star Superman, he was able to craft a limited run of Superman stories that was able to touch on many past ideas and storylines and yet still remain fresh.In this version, Morrison hits the ground running and weaves bits and pieces of Superman s origin story through out the narrative Superman is initially portrayed as a bull in a china shop, awkwardly trying to fight each and every crime that occurs in Metropolis This rambunctious approach to crime and the orchestrated backlash against him makes Superman feared than respected Of course, the greatest nemesis in all of Superman s different continuities, Lex Luthor, trumpets the Superman is an alien and all aliens are evil ergo Superman is evil theorem, thereby fanning the flames of hatred.Morrison adds some interesting touches Superman is not invulnerable He bruises, he bleeds, and he gets knocked unconscious His Clark Kent is a nerdy twenty something a peer of Jimmy Olsen When he initially becomes Superman, the cape he wears is the blanket he was wrapped in during his rocket flight to Earth, thus doing what thousands of kids over the years have done when they have imitated him.One constant in the mainstream Superman arcs and it is no different here is that he is raised by the Kents, a good, wholesome couple who encourage him to use his powers for the good of mankind What would happen if Kal El ended up with a different set of parents a drunken, abusive father an unstable bi polar mother survivalists religious fanatics

  4. Bookwraiths Bookwraiths says:

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews Up in the sky, look it s a bird It s a plane IT S SUPERMAN And he is faster than a speeding bullet, powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. When I was a kid that is how I always thought of Superman He wasn t omnipotent or superhumanly brilliant or god like He was just a guy from another planet who was gifted with some amazing powers by our sun Powers he tried to use to help other people Somehow, though, that simpler Superman got lost, as writer after writer made him and powerful until he was basically god flying around Metropolis saving the planet every other issue And, to be honest, I got fairly bored with that guy.In this revamped New 52 Action Comics, Grant Morrison tries to take Supes back to the good old days of yesteryear First, he makes Superman relatable by stripping him of his god like omnipotence Sure, he is still superhumanly fast, strong, and can leap tall buildings, but he also gets hurt and can t fly away into the sunset Second, Clark isn t amazingly wise and all knowledgeable Rather, this young Supes acts like exactly what he is a young man on his own in the big city for the first time, who is realizing that his abilities can make a difference in the world And lastly, Clark doesn t have some master plan He is making it all up as he goes along, saving the day in his blue jeans and t shirt.Besides Supes, Morrison also does a lot to freshen up the supporting characters Lois is still the ambitious reporter, but now she barely notices Clark and doesn t fall in love with an unknown vigilante jumping buildings or need him rescuing her all the time Jimmy has turned into Clark Kent s friend, not a Superman fanboy The Daily Planet is put in line with today s entertainment reality And the villain Brainic is livened up by becoming the Internet Hell, even the Legion of Superheroes is reintroduced in a pretty cool way.Unfortunately, with Morrison s brilliance comes his foibles, and they definitely make an appearance here Lots of unnecessary stuff goes on in the story for the sole purpose of making things confusing Story arcs are left at cliffhangers while the writer takes us off on a side trip to no where And important parts of the narrative Like why everyone hates the alien Superman when no one knows he is an alien or have any reason to hate him are glossed over so that Morrison can tell the story he wants, reason be damned One thing that Morrison s foibles didn t affect was the art Overall, it was very good, and the whole blue jeans and t shirt costume of this younger Supes is executed very well Sure, Clark looks like Harry Potter at times, but it didn t ruin the story for me or anything As you can probably tell, I liked this book It was a very creative devolution of Superman the character, introduced some much needed humanity back into him, and did a great job of entertaining as Morrison did the former things Ultimately, though, the writers foibles kept me from loving it as many others have.

  5. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    General Lane and Lex Luthor team up to capture the new super hero calling himself Superman But is the deal Luthor has made with an alien intelligence worth the price I know this is the comic book equivalent of blasphemy but I ve never much cared for Superman In fact, his death and or replacement is about the only thing that s ever made me buy his books i n the monthly format When the New 52 hit, I thought Superman might have suddenly become interesting Did he Yes Grant Morrison returned Superman to his roots in this volume Gone is the near omnipotence that I ve found boring for decades He s much like one of his inspirations, Hugo Danner of Philip Wylie s Gladiator He can be hurt Not only that, he actually has a personality for a change Grant Morrison has taken Superman and made him a crusader and activist of sorts.The stories in this volume are okay to pretty good They suffer from a bit of Morrison itis A ton of things going on, not a lot of focus Still, Morrison reintroduces a ton of classic Superman characters and concepts in this volume and actually makes Superman a fairly fresh and interesting character for the first time since John Byrne s reboot in 1986 I like what he s done to freshen up Lois, Jimmy, and the Daily Planet Not too sure about the adult Legion of Superheroes yet but we ll see.The artwork is very good, the best Superman s had in years I actually like the t shirt and jeans costume quite a bit The costume minus the red underroos seems incomplete Maybe it needs some black or something.Like I said, this is probably as interested in a Superman comic as I m ever going to get Maybe dying won t wind up being the best thing to ever happen to the Superman character by the time Morrison s run has finished At the end of the day, though, it s still Superman 3.5 stars.

  6. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Grant Morrison s re imagining of Action Comics takes its cue from the 1938 comics where Superman first appeared In those comics like in this one Superman can t fly yet, he doesn t have all of the powers we re used to seeing in him, and seems to always be lifting heavy objects like cars or wrecking balls Also, as he s a young man early 20s he isn t as wise or experienced as the Superman of, say, All Star Superman also written by Morrison where he displayed a profound understanding of humanity and life in the universe Here he is an exuberant young man energised at living alone for the first time in a city and realising that he is the most powerful being on the planet He s using that power to make things better for everyone without a real plan in his head he just keeps going, keeps moving Action Comics There s a lot to like in this book with Grant Morrison at the helm His masterful book All Star Superman was a defining book for the character and showed Morrison understood Superman like few writers have ever done That said, Action Comics isn t as brilliant as All Star but has much to recommend it The set pieces are wonderful like the Krypton sequence where we see Kal El s parents prepare their only son to be saved from their utopian dying planet Krypton is really beautifully imagined here looking like a delicate cross between fantasy and sci fi Morrison gives the reader an impression of a larger, developed society and culture with overtones of Earth s current environmental problems, largely ignored by too many people Jonathan and Martha Kent s encounter with Kal el for the first time is also well written and expanded upon in one of a few mini stories included at the back of the book written by Sholly Fisch to make them rounded characters and their circumstances all the moving when they encounter this alien baby Morrison gets things off to a running start with the classic Superman villain Brainiac appearing in all his evil collecting glory as he scoops up part of Metropolis for his collection of cities within jars a fate which befell Superman s Kryptonian city Kandor I liked that Morrison had Brainac say that he is known on many worlds as different things on Earth, I am called Internet It reframed the character in a new, chilling context Lex Luthor is of course an ever present force of arrogant nature, this time around swilling energy drinks and looking kinda paunchy, but still retaining that arrogant way of speaking to others that makes his character strangely likeable There s also an army guy in a robot suit for Supes to battle so there s no shortage of Action going on in this inaugural first book Action Comics As for Superman, the character is essentially the same with a few subtle changes The famous blue, red and yellow suit is changed so it doesn t look like he s wearing bright red underpants it s now just a blue onesie Rags Morales makes Clark Kent look a big Harry Potter like, and Morrison makes it so Clark and Lois don t immediately fall in love It seems neither really notice each other at all And Jimmy Olsen isn t Superman s pal but Clark Kent s Subtle changes but nothing deal breaking and nothing that detracts from the overall stories inside it s still the same brilliant Superman despite the reboot While it s not as brilliant as All Star Superman , Action Comics is still an incredibly creative and carefully thought out reimagining by one of the all star comics writers that ever was It s an entertaining read that introduces the character to a new generation while setting him up for larger and intense future stories.

  7. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    The opening issues of the new 52 Action Comics reboot are actually quite cool We see a jeans and t shirt clad Superman in his first attempts at fighting crime Like in the original Action Comics, he can t fly yet, but he can leap buildings with a single bound It s quite a bit of fun, really What s also interesting is the arrogance he displays here Not quite the Superman we re used to.And then things start going awry The stakes get upped when a mysterious alien entity arrives to collect Metropolis yes, you guessed it, by shrinking it and putting it in a bottle Then the story gets interrupted with a sequence from the future with the Superman Revenge Squad and the Legion of Superheroes This bit was jarring, since it completely broke the momentum of the original story, which was already hinging on a cliffhanger Now, I need to at least mention that there is a reason for this sequence and it ties back to the story at hand but still Important I read the issues separately in order, but they re collected differently in the graphic novel, with the future sequence at the end, which makes a lot sense. So why not just take out the above paragraph Because there may be some other readers out there who had the same experience, and who don t necessarily know that the order was changed in the collected edition.Everything obviously gets wrapped up satisfactorily, but not before it gets weird How weird Well, I don t know, to be honest I struggled to follow the events aboard the Collector ship, but it could have been because I was otherwise preoccupied The story at this point features John Corben who used to be Metallo and, I don t know, was that Brainiac Quite bizarre Something that is notable, however, is that the creative team is going to lengths to make Superman relatable He bruises, he gets angry, he laughs I did too, when he s asked what he really looks like I can t say for fear of spoilers The thing is there are actually a lot of interesting ideas here it s Morrison writing after all , but I felt like I was being bludgeoned with them That s to say, the story felt incredibly busy towards the end I really enjoyed the opening scenes of this story, though In the end, it was likeable enough, albeit a bit confusing at times Still, lots of potential.I m giving it 3.5 stars, but rounded down to 3 for the occasional lack of clarity.

  8. David - proud Gleeman in Branwen& David - proud Gleeman in Branwen& says:

    Superman and the Men of Steel is a fun and breezy adventure The story may not be powerful than a locomotive, but the action certainly moves faster than a speeding bullet A man from another planet walks among us He believes that truth should never be silenced He believes that peace should be given to everyone, not just those who can afford it He fights for people who are unable to fight for themselves But when Lex Luthor launches a public campaign against this visitor from another world, people of begin to fear and distrust the being they know only as Superman So much so, that some of them submit themselves to unsafe experiments or join the fanatical group of super powered criminals dubbed The Anti Superman Army All this raises one questionwho should we really be afraid of, the man who can bend steel with his bare hands, or the people who find his ideals so alien Overall, I found Grant Morrison s New 52 reboot to be a lot of fun While Superman still espouses the values of truth and justice like he always has, it was very entertaining to watch a younger Clark Kent ditch the old mild mannered quality in exchange for a much dymanic and outspoken personality This is a Clark Kent who truly feels and acts like an intrepid reporter determined to bring people the whole story, and who refuses to let anyone silence him In past Superman tales, his superhero persona was often far interesting than his alter ego, but this time around, it was Clark Kent who really leapt off the page There were some other nice character touches, too I particularly loved Lex Luthor s insane rant about how dangerous aliens supposedly are to us The brown tree snake introduced to the U.S territory of Guam right after World War Two caused dozens of indigenous birds and reptile species to become extinct The cane toad, sent to Australia as a pest control agent, decimated local biodiversity Non native strains will destroy entire ecologies, given the opportunity This bigoted, xenophobic version of Luthor is far dangerous or frightening than any version ever seen beforeeven back when Lex Luthor had his own Legion of Doom We ll use this growth ray to turn Superman into a 100 foot tall giantthat will stop him I wish I could say that I m making this up, but this actually happened in a SuperFriends episode Sadbut not nearly as sad as the fact that I know that Grant Morrison has always been known for his creative writing, and this is no exception Some moments are too imaginative and bizarre not to love, like when the Anti Superman Army s hiding place is revealed don t click on the spoiler if you want to be surprised when you read the book itself view spoiler A teleport rifle is used to fire a microscopic lead pellet into Superman s brainthe pellet is hollow, and inside there is a tesseract space big enough to fit 30 people hide spoiler

  9. Artemy Artemy says:

    Grant Morrison s underrated Action Comics starts with a blast It s the origin of the New52 Superman, and it s done in a way that honours his best traits and traditions, and at the same time modernises some other aspects of him without perverting or betraying the spirit of the character.This is the first public outing of Superman He s very young, he does things spontaneously and without thinking, he s a bit of a brat But he also has his heart in the right place, he just doesn t have the experience to always make the right call It s a brilliant take on a younger version of Superman, as opposed to an already established iconic version in All Star It s probably not as good an origin as Birthright, but Action Comics does something different and very interesting it tries to give Superman a consistent character arc and continuity, something that Superman comics struggled with over the years Of course, these attempts were mostly undone later by terrible editorial decisions from DC and incompetent creators who followed Morrison on Action and especially the main Superman New 52 title Regardless, Morrison s foundational work on Action Comics was rock solid, and he wrote the best damn Superman book he possibly could.I mean, this comic is just so much fun It really puts Action in Action Comics Superman is constantly moving, running, fighting, catching bullets, jumping into space It s magnificent He can t fly yet, he can only jump really high, but I think it serves the book and the spirit of a younger character really well, and adds excitement and physicality to his actions Rags Morales s artwork is so kinetic, every motion, every movement feels real And speaking of artwork, yes, it doesn t look as slick, polished and expensive as the regular DC house style Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Ethan Van Sciver etc , but I love Morales and his unique look His characters feel like actual people with personalities I love the Clark Supes duality, love how handsome and classically heroic Superman looks and how oversized clothes, thick glasses and posture make Clark look believably different I love slightly heavier Lex, who is yet to start envying Superman and hence shaping himself a perfect muscular bod like in All Star And there are tons of storytelling details like that, hidden just in the artwork alone although I m sure Morrison thought a lot of that stuff through himself.Overall, Morrison created such a neat, satisfying and fun comic with Superman and the Men of Steel, it s really a shame that it s not regarded better among readers I can understand why, though at first, it s really jarring how Superman behaves, and the story feels a bit too haphazard The book really benefits from multiple reads Morrison s writing is very dense and full of detail, and it can be too much to unpack in one reading That, combined with unrealistically high expectations from the writer of All Star Superman, did leave a lot of people underwhelmed including myself, when I first read it But judged on its own, this first volume of Action Comics is actually really, really good Honestly, it s probably one of the best Superman comics out there, and now I wish people would see it that way First read April 13, 2016Rating Second read December 14, 2017Rating

  10. Shannon Shannon says:

    This is a somewhat new origin story for Supes I don t remember his parents being dead when he became an adult Or maybe I just wasn t paying attention One thing, they ve definitely cemented the fact that Luthor is a huge dick right away Nothing subtle about him here.Lots of weird time travelling goes on in this, with miniature collections of worlds in stasis and a time bubble world thing inside future Superman s brain aaaannnd yeah that was all super heh confusing.This was better than Superman, Volume 1 for me, but not by much A bit of background though on why I m reading Superman comics when I don t really like him I want to read Convergence before I start any of the DC You titles, because when I looked up the reading order it mentioned Brainiac and I had no idea who what that was Under the Essential Background heading, they list Superman Doomed, but when I looked that up it s actually a collection of SUPERMAN DOOMED 1 2ACTION COMICS 30 35ACTION COMICS ANNUAL 3SUPERMAN 30 31SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN 7 12SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL 1SUPERGIRL 34 35BATMAN SUPERMAN 11Now you see my problem I don t want to jump in on issue 30 or whatever into a series I ve never read So now I have to read a bunch of Superman comics even though I m not really a fan.I m not sure why I wrote this here in this review, but, oh well This series is so old now that I m sure there are a ton of reviews that are actually relevant.