Ugh The best part of this book was that each chapter had a quote from a Hollywood legend: Sofia Loren, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, etc I wasn't loving the book at first, but decided to continue on Not sure that was the best course of action In addition to having a main character that seemed to be a contradiction in terms, to put it nicely, no character in this book was anyone I would want to spend time with Plus, and this is a bad one, the editing off the book was poor Most of the errors were simple editing mistakes, but there was one construction error that had me shaking my head in confusion If the one star and this review don't get the point across, don't wast time reading this book. She's armedwith hot irons, sharp shears, and a flair for colorShe's dangeroustruly bad news for bad hairAnd she's going to do whatever it takes to make a place for herself in the exclusive Beverly Hills salonEven if that means sweeping hair, emptying trash, scrubbing dummy heads, and making soy lattes for the stars that come to Yoshi's salonEven if it means hiding the fact that she's not really an upandcomer from New York, but a drunk's daughter from smalltown WyomingEven if it means igoring her attraction to a tall, dark stranger in a fedora who just stepped off the elevatorand into her heartBut can a talented hairdresser from the sticks really make it in imageobsessed LA? And can she ever find true love and real success in a town that wrote the book on fake? I had read a book by Ms Billerbeck before and had been seriously underwhelmed I decided to give her a second chance and I'm glad I did Split Ends is cute and romantic and just what I was in the mood for. Definitely my favorite of this author that I have read It is her funniest one and the character is not annoying like Ashley Stockingdale (I'm sorry but could she be whinier?) Read this one first which is why I read the A.S series. I cracked up off and on through this whole book Not an unusual experience for me with Kristin's work Such a sweet story, with those humorous moments that had me laughing so hard I got cramps in my side And SO relieved to know I'm not the only who noticed the plastic LOL This picked up speed as it went along, and then it was pretty entertaining I'd give it a 3.5 if I knew how! I just finished this book, and it reminded me that I really need to reread the first Kristin Billerbeck title I read last yearA Billion Reasons Why I know I liked it then, but I think I would love to take another look Another taste That's what books are to me!Anyway, back to Split Endswhen I received it, I thought I would probably coast through it and then pass it on to someone else But I find myself savoring it, knowing I will want to enjoy it again sometime down the road, so I am giving it a permanent spot on my shelf I guess I'm saying that I didn't really expect to like it, but I really did!The firstperson pointofview gets me every time, even when it's not written as skillfully and realistically as Kristin writes it I just love getting into the mind of a fun, interesting and REAL character like Sarah Claire She is so vulnerable, so flawed, yet so gutsy and willing to take a chance! She has truly been through a lot, and it's really nice to see someone's dreams materialize when said someone is willing to work hard, exhibit selfcontrol, and step out on faith to give God the reins of her life Another thing I loved right off was the prologue, which is repeated late in the book It has a surprising twist! I am so tempted to make this a spoiler, but I will refrain You'll know what I'm talking about when you read it for yourself.And I've got to mention our hero in the storyoh yes! Evenwonderful than his description and his character is the way the Sarah Claire falls in love with him at first sight and how she cannot get over him even though she tries! I love the way that they are irresistible to each other.Also enjoyed all the references to old Hollywood, old music, old stars, old antiquesetc All in all, a very enjoyable book, and I am off to look forKristin Billerbeck Who knew she wrote so many? Sarah Claire is an upandcoming hairstylist from Wyoming That is until she moves to LA and is relegated to chief hair sweeper and coffee maker Sarah Claire is determined to make a name for herself in this market and break the Winowski curse when it comes to love She has talent She has grit But will her past keep her from success in the futureBetter than the last Billerbeck book that I read But I was still disappointed I loved her Ashley Stockingdale series and recommended them to many people However, I haven’t loved a lot since This one had several dropped or randomly arranged story lines Also (and I know this isn’t the author’s fault), there were many typos, misspellings, etc And being the grammarfreak I am, that always takes away from the overall pleasure for me I did like the main plot and the old movie references Since this is our book club pick for February, I’m interested in seeing what everyone else has to say about it. I liked this book at times because some things the main character said were pretty funny but overall it wasn't my favorite read I found a lot of the characters annoying and not relatable due to the fact that they were extreme stereotypes of the kinds of people you MIGHT meet when living in LA I hated her best friend the most I found her to be rude, annoying, and mean to the main character and the main character just batted it off as if oh that's just how she is So that really annoyed me too I found it annoying the main character contradicted herself most of the time Also the plot just fell flat for me There was nothing to keep me interested enough where I wanted to finish the book So overall it was not the worst read but it was definitely not my favorite read. I liked the prologue; short with a hint of what's to come but not necessarily how you expect it, and you recognize read it again near the end in context Interesting story about a girl trying to make it in the hair business after moving away from her small hometown and her alcoholic mother I liked this storythan three stars, but not necessarily as much as a full four Since I have to choose and it was quite good, it gets four Can't quite put my finger on why other than I want to say it was watery?