My Whole World Changed When I Stepped Inside The Academy Nothing Is Right About This Place Or The Other Students In It Here I Am, A Mere Mortal Among Gods Or Monsters I Still Can T Decide Which Of These Warring Factions I Belong To, If I Belong At All I Only Know The One Thing That Unites Them Is Their Hatred Of MeThen There S Jaxon Vega A Vampire With Deadly Secrets Who Hasn T Felt Anything For A Hundred Years But There S Something About Him That Calls To Me, Something Broken In Him That Somehow Fits With What S Broken In MeWhich Could Spell Death For Us AllBecause Jaxon Walled Himself Off For A Reason And Now Someone Wants To Wake A Sleeping Monster, And I M Wondering If I Was Brought Here Intentionally As The Bait

15 thoughts on “Crave

  1. Stephanie Marquez Stephanie Marquez says:

    Crave is like Twilight grew up to be a witty, sophisticated feminist with a flare for fun and sexual tension When reading, Crave the easiest comparison to draw would be that of, Twilight But I feel like I would not be giving the author the credit due for what she has done for this genre No, Crave may be the vampire love story we were missing from Stephanie Meyer s series but we have arrived in 2020 sophisticated, demanding from our heroines, and our literature I sat with Grace and Jaxon in every room and on every piece of furniture in my home and devoured, Crave from breakfast to bedtime You will fall in love with the elegant world of Katmere Academy You will gasp and plea for each page of romance, conflict, and plot twists You will giggle, smile, and swoon at the texts exchanged and the witty dialogue between every lovable character You will devote yourself to a faction and declare your loyalty to dragon, witch, vampire, or werewolf Your heart will skip, soar, and sink for Jaxon along with his gaze and charm You will identify with the strength, smarts, and cautious vulnerability of Grace, our heroine And you will be left, like me, completely mind blown by an amazing ending, ready to journey Alaska, and what comes next in the world Tracy Wolff has created.

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Vampires are back and hotter than ever Everyone answers to meeventually Oh yes they do Jaxon is dark, dangerous, and oh so swoon worthy And he loves a strong heroine No stalkers here The chemistry between Grace and Jaxon lights up every page From the witty banter to the late night texts, you will fall in love with their story But this isn t just some epic romance There are so many characters to fall in love with From Macy, to Flint, to Mekhi, you ll want to be the next student at Katmere Academy Even Headmaster Foster has some serious Alaric vibes Finished this book in one sitting I flew through the pages dying to know what would happen next And that endingI did not see that coming If you love your vampires with a dash of danger, tons of action, and an epic romance, you will love Crave.