Perfect For Fans Of Me Before You And One Day A Striking, Powerful, And Moving Love Story Following An Ambitious Lawyer Who Experiences An Astonishing Vision That Could Change Her Life Forever Where Do You See Yourself In Five YearsWhen Type A Manhattan Lawyer Dannie Cohan Is Asked This Question At The Most Important Interview Of Her Career, She Has A Meticulously Crafted Answer At The Ready Later, After Nailing Her Interview And Accepting Her Boyfriend S Marriage Proposal, Dannie Goes To Sleep Knowing She Is Right On Track To Achieve Her Five Year Plan But When She Wakes Up, She S Suddenly In A Different Apartment, With A Different Ring On Her Finger, And Beside A Very Different Man The Television News Is On In The Background, And She Can Just Make Out The Scrolling Date It S The Same Night December But , Five Years In The Future After A Very Intense, Shocking Hour, Dannie Wakes Again, At The Brink Of Midnight, Back In She Can T Shake What Has Happened It Certainly Felt Much Than Merely A Dream, But She Isn T The Kind Of Person Who Believes In Visions That Nonsense Is Only Charming Coming From Free Spirited Types, Like Her Lifelong Best Friend, Bella Determined To Ignore The Odd Experience, She Files It Away In The Back Of Her Mind That Is, Until Four And A Half Years Later, When By Chance Dannie Meets The Very Same Man From Her Long Ago Vision Brimming With Joy And Heartbreak, In Five Years Is An Unforgettable Love Story That Reminds Us Of The Power Of Loyalty, Friendship, And The Unpredictable Nature Of Destiny I really enjoyed this story I do agree with other reviewers that the blurb is a little misleading this story is about a woman who is working in New York and on the night she gets engaged to her boyfriend she wakes up five years into the future in a different apartment with a different man in her bed That makes it sound like the book is going to have time travel or some crazy sci fi elements to it, but that is a single event at the beginning of this book, and the rest of it is a contemporary romance.The thing I enjoyed so much about this book is the friendship between our main character and her childhood best friend Bella They were incredibly adorable and this story really centers around that friendship I also love that this book takes place in New York and features a lot of my favorite areas in New York like Rockefeller, Dumbo, Brooklyn bridge, Bryant Park, Washington Square and so many The New York vibes were really freaking great This book actually reminded me a lot of the book One Day In December it just had a very similar love triangle vibe and it also spans many years like that book does I will say that I agree with some of the negative reviews when they say view spoiler the romance at the end between Aaron and our main character seems totally random and fast and doesn t really make sense I didn t even really enjoy this book for the romance, I enjoyed it because of Bella and her friendship with her I thought they were so sweet and the whole cancer thing really made me cry my eyes out a few times hide spoiler I m so ugly right now My face is blotchy, my eyes are bloody red, my nails, oh no I have no nails left I m a great candidate for any horror movie monster casting call Even the husband dearest who is normally coolest, mimic less Scorpio man worried about me and cover my face with trash bag so he stopped screaming when he was looking at me After I finished this book, I cried so much I couldn t help myself Honestly my friends shaped my life and made me who I am than my own family They saw my ups and downs and I seriously did too many mistakes to ruin my life because I m so reckless and hot tempered, crazy redhead Aries woman and they always saved my ass, punched me, shook me and gave me the ugliest true messages I needed So when I read a book about testing your relationship with your childhood friend, it was impossible for me gather all those broken pieces of my heart This book shook me to the core and thought me again instead of earning money, being slaves of material things, we have to collect friends who make us lives better and who help us to be a better person Bella and Dannie s heartbreaking, emotional friendship affected me deeply Before starting to read this book let me tell you the facts about it This book started so similar with Kristin Harmel s Life Intended , when a woman dreams she can meet with her deceased husband at another universe and when she wakes up she resumes her relationship with her actual boyfriend But don t worry At this story our heroine dreams only one time Is it premonition A fantasy about a man she never knows Beginning of love triangle You have to read and see by yourself But one thing for sure, this story is complex than Kristin Harmel s because Dannie dreams her best friend s new boyfriend Don t wait to read a romcom about time traveling or parallel universes kind of fiction This book is not a romance story This is about a woman s self discovery, life choices and love And of course there is another heavy stuffs hurt your heart deeply I don t want to discuss them because I don t want to be mean person who love to give spoilers normally I m mean and told the movie endings to everyone but when it comes to the books, I m tight lipped but my emotions were everywhere after I closed the book and story occupied my mind, haunted my dreams.There is no bad guy of the story The characters are not flawless All of them have their own antics and irritated attitudes but you can understand each of them s motives and connect with them easily It s an amazing memory trip for me at the sightseeings of NYC including Dumbo, Central Park and of course those delicious deli places when I move to LA, I protest to eat bagel and pizza because they don t taste like New York s famous pastries Overall I don t care lack of romance or resemblances with other books including One Day in December I loved the creative, outstanding, smart and realistic writing, heart wrenching ending even the ending really tore my heart out Rebecca Serle, you re amazing but I m not gonna forgive you to sledgehammer my heart My head is still spinning and I m so shaky because of the powerful writing Special thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for sharing this meaningful ARC COPY and help me to discover a new writer by sharing this book in exchange my honest review. Good god, I loved this book even if it left me crying on the plane You mistake love Do you think it has to have a future in order to matter, but it doesn t It s the only thing that does not need to be come at all It matters only insofar as it exists Here Now Love doesn t require a future Dannie is a planner Everything in her life is meticulously mapped out the job she wants at the law firm she wants, her dream apartment in NYC, when she and her boyfriend will get engaged and married That s the way she s always been.She and her boyfriend David get engaged the night she interviews for her dream job at a highly prestigious law firm Everything seems right She and David have the same vision for their future, they like the same things, they re comfortable in their routines as a couple.When Dannie and David get home from dinner she falls asleep and awakens to a dream in which she s in another NYC apartment, wearing a different engagement ring, and she s with another man She finds out the dream is taking place five years in the future And then she wakes up.Dannie is utterly shaken by this dream Who was this man What happened to the future she planned As time hurtles toward that date five years later she learns a lot about things she can and cannot control, and how those things shape her life She doesn t know whether to accept the dream as an inevitable reflection of her fate or if she should fight the things that lead to its realization In Five Years was an amazing, emotional story full of twists and turns It was a story about love in its many forms, friendship, ambition, and destiny Truly an unforgettable book, and one I read in about two hours while waiting at the airport and on my plane.Rebecca Serle is an amazing writer Her last book, The Dinner List , also blew me away and left me an emotional mess She s definitely an author worth reading.My thanks to Atria Books for providing an advance copy of this book via a Bookstagram giveaway The book will publish on March 3, 2020.See all of my reviews at can follow me on Instagram at 4.5 STARS Couldn t put this one down Although I m not a huge romance reader, every now and then a book comes along that just warms and breaks my heart.After reading the intriguing synopsis, I knew I wanted to read this one and find out just what In Five Years was all about.Dannie is a Manhattan lawyer with a five year plan I love that She has a wonderful career, boyfriend, New York life, BUT who is this man in her dreams He seems so alive and real to her, but he is not in her five year plan Oh no I felt a touch of magic in this tale, had some tears oh my dear , was somewhat disappointed in the end, had some laughs and just wanted a few chapters.Thanks to Atria for my review copy OUT MARCH 2020