I love love love the author's blog (crazyauntpurl.com) While the book seemed like aedited and moderated version of the author's personal voice, I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it I'll keep following her blog, though, to feelconnected with her and to get her humor and wit in its raw form Having grown up in a broken home, I've feared divorce What I've realized through reading this book and Perry's blog is that fear of a thing doesn't have the power to prevent that thing from happening Fear of a thing DOES, however, have the power to rob the present moment of its inherent value, of joy, freedom, and fun I've realized that even if that thing does happen, there is life and hope on the other side Being a newlywed, I'm committed to enjoying every day, every moment with my husband and not let fear hold me back from being myself, allowing him to be himself, and valuing our marriage right now, today. I ventured over to BN the other night and stumbled upon a small knitting group It was encouraging for me to get out and meet new people They were lovely ladies and I intend to go back again to sit a spell and knit But when it was time for the group to expire, I wasn't quite ready to go home This was my first venture out to meet new people since Honey left and I wasn't my happy bubbly self and felt really lonely as the night threatened to come to an end Of course being in a bookstore led me to dreaming about all the wonderful books out there that I've been wanting to read But the loneliness was kicking in and I felt that keeping my mind on anything written might just takeenergy than I had at the moment That is until I stumbled upon Crazy Aunt Purl The title jumped out at me screaming for me to dive into the pages of what really seemed to be my life, minus all the cats Each page had me wondering, How in the world did Laurie get into my mind and read my thoughts and feelings so well? And How wonderful is it that she's able to put a hilarious spin to all of it! Grant it I already knew how to knit prior to Honey leaving but this is a fantastically wonderfully written book for all knitters going through crap in their life. As a lurker of Laurie's blog, I have always enjoyed her witty writing style and her hilarious sense of humor I was slightly disappointed to see that this book was in the selfhelp section of my local bookstore You do not have to be going thru a divorce or a member of a knitting group to enjoy Laurie's story I am not a knitter by any means, but I do own a couple of cats and love a good glass of wine! At first, I thought I really liked her cynical sense of humor, but the book feels too much like a blog than good literature There were times when I was surprised someone would publish what amounted to crazy drunk stories a friend would tell you about Also, she focuses too much on traditional female stereotypes, like cute shoes and how pretty she feels. Read it and like it a lot For any woman who ever found herself with everything she thought she was supposed to want, lost it and needs to find out what she REALLY wants this is the book for you Touching and also very funny stuff.Laurie Perry writes with a lovely unforced style She's Southern through and through and it shows. I was actually sad when I finished this book because I wanted it to keep on going I love how honest Laurie is with her writing style and how she can make the deepest throws of depression funny in retrospect I picked this up because I had read her blog once or twice and because the title of this book is one of the best titles ever I think I expected the book to beknitting and less relationship selfhelp oriented, but it was still a really great book even though it wasn't what I thought I was getting into I checked out the back of the book and noticed the catagories on the back are Relationships/Crafts/Knitting I guess that should have been a clue that the focus of the book istoward relationships and less toward knitting Also the publisher is Health Communications, Inc and if I am not mistaken that is a publishergeared toward selfhelp relationship books than knitting know how All that being said, there are 14 projects in the back of the book (I LOVE the Cat Tunnel! Clever!!!) so it's still going to go on my Knitting shelf And on my keepers shelf And I think I will be lurking on Laurie's blog a lotoften www.crazyauntpurl.com If you've ever been dumped, duped, or three minutes from crazy, you'll love Crazy Aunt Purl Sidesplittingly funny and profoundly moving, Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair is the truelife misadventures of Laurie Perry, aka Crazy Aunt Purl, a slightly neurotic, displaced Southerner trying to create a new life after her husband leaves her to 'get his creativity back' Whatever that means But will she get her groove back in a tiny rented apartment, with a mountain of boxes, visible panty lines, and a slight wineandCheetos problem?I was a thirtysomething woman living alone with four cats I was probably going to be divorced I was on the short bus to crazy I pictured my grandmother making hoopskirted yarn cozies for the toilet paper I pictured myself making doilies for furniture that I did not own I saw my cats wearing knitted hats with lace appliqués From my vantage point, knitting seemed likepercent of some road I did not want to walk downYet, surprisingly, it's knitting that saves her and emboldens her to become fully engaged in life againto discover new friends; to take risks, however scary; and to navigate the ins and outs of the modern dating sceneDating has changed in a decade Now there is a higher chance of meeting someone who has an internet porn addiction than someone who has a job In Los Angeles, your dinner companion might have served time in Pelican Bay or run a meth lab Or, worst of all, he might spend all night talking about his agent, his craft, and what it means to grow as an actor Then he'll ask you to read his screenplayAnd such is life in this quirky, irreverent memoir, a spinoff of the blog phenomenon, crazyauntpurl, one of the most successful online diaries in history, exploding to an international fan base of enthusiastic readers But don't worry, you don't have to knit to love Aunt Purl You just have to know what it feels like to have loved, to have lost, or to have taken a leap of faith We've all been there: Pass the wine Fun, and sometimes really funny, but I found myself getting tired of the author's inability to be on her own, and after the 7th or 8th time she used eleventy instead of a hundred and I found myself thinking it was probably why her husband divorced her How long could one truly live with someone who insists on talking like a hobbit? Love this book! While it might initially look or sound like fluffy, Perry's story is really quite thoughtful, sad, and ultimately enlightening And it's hilllllarious! This is an adult story about coping when a really bad day at work is followed by an even worse evening at home Followed shortly bybad news, when one can not stay in bed with the covers pulled over your head This is an only slightly fictionalized account of actual events.The story begins with a dissolution of a relationship with one party (Laurie) being totally unprepared Her husband moves out, taking only what he desires to include in his new life, leaving all the physical baggage of their marriage behind and four cats too.Laurie shares her progress of learning to cope from not admitting to coworkers that things have changed, through memories of childhood experiences that shaped her as an adult, with humor and a little wine Maybe a lot of wine.Topics covered range from stress eating to hair removal and decluttering and learning to reach out to people, make new friends and even try dating.Learning to knit was one of the ways Laurie coped with the changes in her life.At times her attempt to master knitting and take back control over something in her life may have gotten out of hand I read this book in less than two days It was an easy read with short chapters.The first day I read most of the book and finished it the following evening.