The Eisner Awardwinning issue series from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is available in Absolute format! The Man of Steel battles Bizarro, Zibarro and before facing the final revenge of Lex Luthor Plus: a bonus sketchbook section and ! What can I say about the perfect comic book? This is my fourth time reading AllStar Superman, and I still manage to find something new every time I'm reading it My eyes still start to well up whenever I get to the second half when Superman goes to the Bizarro planet, when he cures those kids, when he tells Reagan that it's never as bad as it seems, when he literally becomes allstar This is one of the very few books so special that it's impossible to do it justice with words I've heard so many stories about how it saved people's actual lives, and if that's not the highest achievement for a comic, I don't know what is AllStar Superman is a masterpiece, and the reason why I believe Superman is the greatest superhero You can have hundreds and thousands of awesome comics about Batman, SpiderMan, Daredevil, whoever else, but none of them match Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and their twelve humble issues of AllStar. This is a stunning achievement that fans and nonfans of Superman will enjoy It’s restrained, subtle, nostalgic, and gorgeously illustrated I don't know what is and isn't considered a spoiler for this book, so I'll err on the side of caution Superman is delivered some fateful news involving a situation orchestrated by his arch nemesis (how's that?), and he proceeds to reflect on his life, his choices, and the people that are close to him As he does this, events unfold beyond his control which lead to increasingly exciting adventures While each chapter almost feels selfcontained, one begets the other and you realize that in fact they're all leading to a purposefully unified whole and ending As this is a standalone miniseries, All Star Superman is kind of its own world Frank Quitely, at the top of his illustrating game, creates this vintage, Golden Ageinspired Superman At one point, even the very first Superman logo makes an appearance Which is why going back and reading these characters through comic history will help you spot Easter eggs placed by characterhistory obsessed writers like Grant Morrison Much like his epic run on Batman, Morrison draws from Superman's long history, incorporating various villains, characters, objects, designs and plot points for a truly unique reading experience Morrison writes these characters extremely well, with maybe the exception of Lois Lane She is such a classic and vital presence in Superman stories, and I just didn't love her characterization here She's often rude, sarcastic, cold, yet capable of warmth, kindness, and love My Superman knowledge is limited (but growing), so I don't know if this is true to character, but I felt that she came on too strong and should have been writtenmoderately Lois Lane aside, Morrison's Superman is by far the most dynamic version I've ever seen He's smart, strong, humorous, subtle, altruistic, sad, angry, weak, and full of regret The most human I've ever seen him, which is so great because that's exactly who he tries to be Then there's quirky, desperate, funny, crossdressing (gay?) Jimmy Olsen Bullheaded Arthur White Manly jokester Steve Lombard And kind, simple Jonathan and Martha Kent And of course we come to the also wellwritten Lex Luthor Arrogant, sharp, witty, thirsty for revenge While he has that evil for evil's sake facade, he's really fleshed out, a man who's been defeated one too many times and devotes his entire life to destroying his natural born enemy You have to admire his dedication, and he's pretty ruthless despite his congenial appearance I also really enjoyed the cerebral moments, even if I didn't fully understand them The whole Bizarro Cube World with the Bizarros and Zibarro (not Sbarro) Supermen and the crazy opposite way they talk I no hated no that part! The Underverse P.R.O.J.E.C.T and their experiments The strange pink world at the end And all the crazy gadgets like the Doomsday Gun Morrison has an appreciation for the wacky scifi stuff and I just love it Some quotes:The measure of a man lies not in what he says but what he does.Fear is the sauce on the steak of life!Question: What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?Call me nastyAfter bodily death, as neoconlab studies confirm, individual awareness persists for a time and builds for itself thoughtpalaces or complex hells to inhabitIt's focused yet epic, light yet deep, new yet old Somehow Morrison takes everything you know about Superman, everything classic, gives it a slight twist, shoves it into the staggering artwork of Frank Quitely, and out comes this one of a kind, are you ready for it masterpiece. 2 Stars Was this the book with all the hype? With all the praises? Did I really read the same book that everyone else loves? Well Disappointing is one word I'd use Boring is another one Disconnected is pretty much the one that defines me reading this book Apparently All Star Superman is the book that will make you love Superman! Doesn't matter if you aren't familiarized with the character, doesn't matter if you're new to comics This is the one title that is always recommended as one of the best Superman stories Well, my friends, what can I say? It was only a pretentious, flat story to me Did I see some of Morrison's attempts to reinvent little pockets of Superman's history? Yes, even though this was only my third Superman story, I did see what Morrison was trying and I didn't find it brilliant like almost everyone else does I didn't find this story to be remarkable, even though the premise is one that will grab your attention I just didn't connect with this, I was pretty much annoyed with all of the characters, I found the changes of tones from every chapter to be choppy and jarring and it was just, overall, a boring mess.But let's start with the beginning The plot of All Star Superman revolves around the fact that Superman is dying Lex found a way to poison him, so now, he's left with only one year of life In this last year Superman must accomplish several tasks and through them we will see the Superman mythos being rebuilt, reinvented and expanded.Interesting, right? But almost since the beginning, not the first two pages those were stunning to see, I lost my interest See, Lois Lane here? The worst Lois Lane I've ever read or ever seen in any kind of media Awful, awful character She only helps the purpose of showing around the fortress and to draw her wearing super short dresses Annoying, useless character, and because of Lois, there's a weird competition between Sups, Atlas and Samson trying to show who was the best contender, who was the best macho man for Lois A dick competence between guys who were only dicks I can't tell you how fucking cringy it was to read Not the best beginning for what it's supposed to be one of the best Superman stories.Listen, I could go on ranting about well, many things How annoying was this Jimmy (Really, Iwant topunchthischaracterintheface level of annoying.) I don't care if this was a homage to the silver age Superman stories, or if Jimmy was this smart to make it aworthy best friend of the man of steel It didn't work for me.I could rant on how overthetop was Lex, how petty, how disappointing I was about to say this is my least favorite interpretation of this character, but then I remembered BvS I could tell you how boring I found the whole ''underworld trip'' in our hero's journey I could complained about how every problem, every task was resolved too easily and quickly and I was left only with how badly executed was the idea of this biggerthanlife kind of story How, at the end, this epic story didn't feel epic at all I'm sorry I just didn't find it brilliant as, apparently, everyone and their mother did.I could rant, yes, and I love to rant, but I'd rather focus on the two things I did like The artwork was overall pretty nice, it was one of the reasons I kept reading this story I wasn't really a fan of the character designs, but I really enjoyed the coloring and there are some great illustrations in this book One star for the artwork.Then, there's the one thing that I absolutely loved in this comic And that is, (it is a minor thing in this book, it doesn't really play a big role in the big arc of the story so I don't see it as a big spoiler) the death of Jonathan Kent It's such a little moment, but it played beautifully How sad, how inevitable was this Superman is the man who can save everyone in the world, that is, except for his father who dies of a heart attack It was devastating, but a great contrast in everything else in the life of this mythical figure It was all so utterly mortal That heartbreaking moment is the only thing I truly enjoyed, that I truly cared about in this 300 pages comic book So that's why I gave this two stars.EDIT:(view spoiler)[ To the one guy who read my review a year after and got mad I rated this 2 stars and tried to mansplain Superman to me and started his coment with a girl, dude, relax, I saw Donner's Superman, I get the reference, doesn't take away anything from this The one moment I truly enjoyed reading and that was executed beautifully here (hide spoiler)] You have given them an ideal to aspire to, embodied their highest aspirations They will race and stumble, and fall and crawl, and curseand finallythey will join you in the sun, KalEl In time you will no longer be alone JorEl (Kryptonian daddyo of KalEl, a.k.a Superman, regarding earthlings)Based on reviews and quite a few of them are from GR friends I was ready for the saga of AllStar Superman to rock my worldand then, frustratingly, it didn't quite get there Still, it was a good book with some indelible scenes (such as a the onepage wonder with Superman stopping a suicidal teenager) and some intriguing supporting characters (such as Nasthalthia Luthor, or Call me Nasty as she purrs, the niece / assistant of supervillain Lex who deserved a larger role) The problem was that some of the chapters in the middle such as the one involving Bizarro slowed down the plot too much However, when Lois Lane or Lex Luthor were directly involved it was up, up and away.