A sparkling breath of fresh air, this book captures the spirit of friendship in the most charming and sauciest manner possible The book is a far cry from the regular breed of YA novels which seem to dwell on the fixed notions that young girls basically fall into two main groups: One, the hatefully pretty, perpetually scheming Prom Queens with their nastier than “weekol’ milk” cliques! And at the other end of the rainbow, the brave underdognot much to look at, the general dogooder, the faithful confidante and to nicely round it off,often than not, armed with an IQ formidable enough to gain entry into MENSA Breaking the ageold mould with insouciance, Ann Brashares creates a world where it is possible for four friends, as different as chalk and cheese to form a deeply satisfying friendship They care for each other, love each other, put aside fights and misunderstandings with a careless shrug and offer unstinted, nonjudgmental support any time, everytime Lena, the reluctant beauty; feisty, bigtushied Carmen; the antieverything, madattheworld Tibby and the overachieving, statuesque athlete Bridget are friends; literally since birth (their mums shared a preggersaerobics class) Having grown up in each other’s pockets, along comes a summer when the four are parted for the first time Lena is off to Greece to meet her grandparents; Carmen to spend some quality time with her divorced dad in South Carolina; Bridget to Baja, California for summer camp and Tibby, the impotent rebel is stuck at home, cutting a minimum wage at Wallman’s A wellworn pair of soft jeans bought at a thriftshop by Carmen but nevertried becomes an unexpected bond to hold the four pals together Despite their vastly different body proportions, the seeminglymagical pair of jeans fits each of them like a dream……hugging the right curves, resting gracefully on the varying waistlines, making each teen feel sexy and infusing them with muchneeded confidence They make a pact (complete with a set of seriouscumnonsensical rules) to circulate the pants amongst themselves throughout their vacation, passing it on when the time is right Thus begins the saga of the Sisterhood…… As the long, glorious summer unravels, the pants become a source and symbol of the generous support which the sisterhood provides to each of the four buddies as they face unwieldy situations Suckerpunched by new emotions, the friends absorb confidence from their everreliable ‘magical pants’ For each, the pants seem to be infused with the strength and support of their fellow friends Brimming with energy and vitality, the book effortlessly hops between the four friends as they deal with life, love and allthings ‘teenachy’ One of the best comingofage books in a long time, it’s a must read for everyone who isateen, wasateen and will soon beaquakin’ in your bootsteen It’s a tough world out there, but when you got your SIST –AHS, life’s just a wee bitbearable. I'm glad I finally read this! I'd seen the movie before so this story wasn't new but I still enjoyed it Brashares did a great job of creating real teenage emotions The turmoil and depression these girls all went through during this summer jumped of the pages and felt very true to how I remember myself feeling at that time in my life Each of the girls is so different, but I can see a bit of myself in most of them so there were many different moments in each story line that I related to.However, while the characters were the star of the show, I wasn't a big fan of the format or writing rhythm There was no real rhyme or reason to when chapter breaks or POV changes occurred and I guess I've just been spoiled by how books like Pretty Little Liars have handled 4 character POVs Additionally, I felt that most sentences were similar in length and very straightforward Could have used a littledescription or development of some of the themes The character reactions were amazing, but I would have liked a littletime spent on WHY they were reacting the way they were Things seemed to come on very suddenly and then be over.That didn't take away from my overall enjoyment very much though! I recognize that I'm just nitpicking. This is beginning to feel a little too familiar, but here's yet another disapointment from my YA Lit class First, I should state that I have never liked the whole girl power thing I guess I always felt intelligent/empowered enough as a teenager to not have to rely on books like this to show me how fantastic it is to be female Also, generally speaking, I find large groups of girls terrifying, especially at the high school age So lots of preexisting strikes against this book As for the story itself: blah Complaint the first: I dislike the fomulatic four girls with four neat, distinctive personalities thing I mean come on all my friends in high school were pretty much the exact same as me, but with different colors of hair and varying degrees of niceness Complaint the second: I was unconvinced by every single one of the characters Lena I liked the best, but I still didn't buy the whole I don't want people to like me 'cause I'm pretty thing Realistically, most pretty teenagers seem fairly psyched by their good fortune and run with it Maybe if she was in her twenties (still a maybe), but at fifteen? Similarly, the one who played soccer and her agressive hitting on the coach senario Maybe it was realistic, but if it is, I didn't grow up with girls like that It all seemed a little contrived to me Even at fifteen we all had a pretty good handle on the word skank, and the lack of it being thrown around by anyone made this seem less realworld Girls aren't nice if one person has the nerve to flirt with the camp idol (especially if she is sucessful), she isn't cheered on and adored for it She is hated, whispered about, and called lots of fun names for it Or, at least where I came from Complaint the third: the kid with cancer Not to be cold (or, perhaps colder would beaccurate), but dying does not make you selfaware, wise, and interesting all by itself so far as I know Yet somehow books/movies just can't resist the wisebeyondheryears dying kid It would make a lotsense and be a lotauthentic if she were just mad, not a slightly rebellious Yoda Complaint the fourth: The stupid pants I hated the completely idiotic premise of the book Seriously Magic pants that fit everyone? That's the best that could be thought up? Not good Not good at all. This is the quintessential YA summer read If all female YA characters were written to be like these girls, YA would be a much better genre.Four best friends will be spending the summer apart for the first time since birth Carmen is going to visit her dad (and unbeknownst to her his new family); Lena (along with her sister Effie) are meeting their grandparents for the first time in Greece; Bridget is flying to Los Angeles for soccer camp (and a lesson in love); and Tibby is staying behind to work at a department store where she makes a new friend that will change her life.I love the way everything is handled in this book The girls each have unique and complex personalities They all discover that they are flawed and they all work to understand why they behave the way they do They support each other, they love each other, but they also confront each other (in the most beautiful, patient, loving manner) The romance that occurs is much less about the guys, and muchabout Bridget and Lena learning something about themselves It's freaking brilliant and such a healthy way of depicting first love to teenagers Also the male characters are lovely!! But also not the beall, endall or centre of the girls' worlds!What I especially liked was the portrayal of Bailey's leukemia Most books like The Fault in Our Stars or My Sister's Keeper make cancer out to be horribly grotesque and macabre, leaving you with a terribly bleak feeling in the pit of your stomach I have long since wished the media would paint cancer in a different light, such as this book does It's a part of life and it's something that has to be dealt with! The lighthearted, candid way that Bailey and Tibby address Bailey's illness and mortality is so refreshing Ultimately I think this is a mustread for any young teen that has started consuming YA novels Nearly 20 years later and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants still holds its own. Such a beautiful portrayal of love and friendship sisterhood.Seeing this image after reading the book just made me smile so much.Review to come. Summer A Thon: Read book that has a road trip or traveling I was nervous guys I read this series years ago when I was a teenager and a loved them I loved both films too But I was worried that as an adult I wouldn't enjoy it as much I worried that nearly 20 years later it wouldn't hold up as well I'm happy to say that for me it still holds up As I read this book it didn't feel 18 years old Maybe my nostalgia blinded me but it felt like a story that could be taking place at any period in time I plan to reread the whole series this summer and then rewatch the movies We shall see if this series continues to be one of my favorite book series or if I've out grown them ( Spoiler Alert: It will always be in my top 5) Carmen got the jeans at a thrift shop They didn't look all that great: they were worn, dirty, and speckled with bleach On the night before she and her friends part for the summer, Carmen decides to toss them But Tibby says they're great She'd love to have them Lena and Bridget also think they're fabulous Lena decides that they should all try them on Whoever they fit best will get them Nobody knows why, but the pants fit everyone perfectly Even Carmen who never thinks she looks good in anything thinks she looks good in the pants Over a few bags of cheese puffs, they decide to form a sisterhood and take the vow of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsthe next morning, they say goodbye And then the journey of the pantsand the most memorable summer of their livesbegins From the Hardcover edition We, the Sisterhood, hereby instate the following rules to govern the use of the Traveling Pants.1.) You must never wash the Pants.2.) You must never doublecuff the Pants It's tacky There will never be a time when this will not be tacky.3.) You must never say the word phat while wearing the Pants You must also never think I am fat while wearing the PantsSo begins the first summer apart for four friends: Lena, who is going to visit her grandparents in Greece with her sister; Carmen, heading south to see her father; Bridget, going to a soccer camp in Mexico; and Tibbie, the only one of the four to be stuck at home with a summer job In order to feel a bit closer despite the distance, the friends find a pair of pants they profess to be magical it fits all four of them perfectly and form a Sisterhood around the pants They are mailed back and forth from girl to girl as needed; they are all wearing the pants during a significant moment of theirs from that summer.Lena bonds with her grandparents and learns that not every guy who is attracted to her is shallow Carmen finds out that her father is living with his fiancee and her two children, and must cope with the shock and find a way to fit in Bridget crushes on a coach from the soccer camp, and finds the forbidden relationship yet another challenge Tibbie meets a younger girl who, despite her young age, teaches Tibbie that there isto a person than outward appearance.Ann Brashares has written four Sisterhood books, this being the first in the series It is definitely a mustread for teen girls. Reread 2019 By now most of us know the tale Four American girls(Carmen, Tibby, Lina, and Bree) of different backgrounds, shapes and friends since the womb magically fit the same pair of pants Each book follows their travels and experiences during summer vacation In book one, Bree heads to soccer camp and thinks she's found her true love Carmen heads to spend a wonderful summer with her father, but discovers that he's got plenty of surprises namely a family that she doesn't feel she belongs in Lina and her sister travel to Greece to visit their grandparents and find some time for romance too Lastly, Tibby is left to keep the home fires burning with a lousy part time job, but she doesn't even imagine what is coming her way I read these books (14) while in university and I still hold a dear place for them in my heart Thus explaining the reason I would even put them in my reading book box at school Time has not dimmed them in my eyes As an aside , I enjoyed a conversation with one of my students about these books today She confessed that as much as she enjoyed books 1 and 2, it was the decisions in book 3 that made her angry with the characters She felt that I was muchforgiving than she was! Goodreads review published 18/09/19 I saw the movie first and kind of liked it So, of course I thought Well the book is always better than the movie so I decided to read it, even though its written for teens and I wasn't too sure I could relate I guess I couldn't because this is one time I liked the movie a lot better than the book I mean really, how many 15/16 year old girls do you know who's parents let them go trapezing all over the world (in Lena's case literally) and don't think twice about it Come to think of it how many 15/16 year old girls have the money to it even if they're parents really are that totally oblivious Not to mention Bailey, who is roaming around with Tibby all summer despite a major medical condition that would most certainly keep her slowed down, if not out completely.The main characters in this book are flat and, frankly, boring and the situations they are in are really not very believable The adults are almost completely absent, and when they are present they are made out to be selfish, stupid, unaware, or all of the above.This is a perfect teen angst novel that I'm sure will appeal to teenagers everywhere who will find this a wonderful book about girls their own age who get to do what they want when they want and have really no real consequences Not to mention the whole My friends are my life theme which will also appeal to a younger angrier audience For those of us who have battled through those misunderstood years and know that life doesn't work quite that way, wellthis novel will leave most ADULTS cold.